8 Health Benefits of Swimming and tips to help you swim better

Not just reserved for the summer, swimming is a wonderfully healthy activity. A human adaptation for hundreds of thousands of years, swimming has appeared in the records of many ancient civilizations. Here are 8 amazing health benefits of swimming according to science, along with 5 tips to help you swim better.

1. Swimming fights tiredness by improving oxygen intake and energy use in the body

In swimming and exercise in general, continued practice of physical activity increases the maximum oxygen capacity, or VO2, of an organism, allowing them more time to stay in the aerobic phase before entering the anaerobic phase. As researchers studied swimming as a means of improving physical fitness, they discovered that subjects who engaged in swimming classes or programs received some kind of boost to their VO2, regardless of their previous level of fitness.

Continued participation in swimming can increase the maximum volume of oxygen in the lungs, which delays feelings of tiredness from the onset of the anaerobic phase.

2. Swimming protects the heart and cardiovascular system

In addition to the benefits of a greater oxygen capacity and tiredness reduction, there is a direct connection to improvements in the cardiovascular system based on the improvements to the respiratory system. Having a moderate regimen of swimming in typical, day-to-day life can minimize fatigue and improve the function of the cardiovascular system, potentially protecting against heart- and blood-related conditions, and other chronic conditions which will be discussed later.

3. Swimming provides social support and aids mental health and development

Along with physical benefits, swimming possibly also improves the mental health of individuals who participate in the sport. Whether signed-up with a swim training program or provided with easy access to a local community pool, swimming itself is an incredibly social activity.

Because swimming is a highly social and participatory sport, people report improvements in their moods, outlooks, and identities when they keep consistent swimming schedules over an extended period of time. For young swimmers especially, they potentially develop their social skills, good habits, and attitudes around physical activity.

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DSA and Sonic blasts off 2018 with Gold winning performances

Young swimmers rake up incredible 136 medal haul and 14 Meet records at MILO/PRAKL Age Group 2018 and over 147 medals at Selangor Age Group 2018

DSA Swimmers made a whooping start at the first swim event of the year at Komplex Renang, Bandar Tun Razak for the 3 day MILO/PRAKL Age Group 2018. Going in with a large team of 193 swimmers, DSA retained the runner-up position in the Meet with a total of 136 medals. New Meet records by the team also was impressive with both Misa and Yumi Okuzono reigning supreme with 7 and 5 new records. Misa continued her sterling track record winning Gold in every event she participated. New records by Nikita Yong Scalan and Koh Tech Chen also gave the team a lot to cheer about.

The cheering by the enthusiastic parents of the DSA Team was a big morale boost and show of strength especially at the relay events and the DSA swimmers coasted to wins in team events. The medal winners included young champ Yap Yong Jie who collected 8 Golds and 4 Silvers for his events. Xin Lin Chong also won 8 Golds along with a Silver in her events topping off the charts with Misa and Yumi. Dahl Alma, Georgene Wee Ee Jern, Darren Lew Chen Jet, Hiong Kiet Chong, David Ong, YiYi Lean and Liam Eu Li-An were among the other Gold winners. The medal winners also included Nikita Yong Scanlan, Jing Yang Jeremy Teow, Austin Gan Ee Kye, Nathaniel Inn Tsin Qian, Chen Hong Tan, Sean Goh Min Chang, Ze Xuan Chung, Xin Ting Hiew, Samantha Yong Scanlan, Wong Yu Xuanm, Eyna Arissa Emil Rinazdi, Dian Isandra Johan, Asley Chow Jia Qian, Erin Lakshmanan, Audrey Wong Mei Yie, Yap Yong Jia, Yi Qin Tan, Zhi Ying Koh and Jia Yi Ng. Spectacular displays by the Relay Teams were another highlight of the Meet as the Girls Teams right from 9-10 yrs to 15-17 yrs all brought home Golds. The Girls also made their wins in the Medley Relay while the Boys Teams had wins of Silver and Bronze for their events. A detailed list of the medal winners is given below.

The Sonic Team made huge wins at the 28th Selangor Age Group Swimming Championship 2018 held between 01-04 February at Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan, Shah Alam. A significant amount of swimmers won Golds which included Grace Kim who swam her way to an astounding 8 Golds and 1 Silver. Lew Zhi Tong with 7 Golds and 3 Silvers, Tan Zhi Jian with 5 Golds, 5 Silvers and 1 Bronze were among the toppers. Other Gold winners included Adam Bin Abdul Karim, Challyse Lim Yong En, Lew Yan Chuan, Kieran Low, Adam Jeffrey Dillon, Lew Yan Zheng, William Hills, Lim Tsiu Thien, Nigel Leong Zhuoxian, Yeap Zheng, Daniel Liew Jia Hau, Arniesh Chai Sasheedran and Tan Ianna. Silvers and Bronzes were also won by Julian Wong Ken Ryung, Isaac Wong Ken Rhee, Alison Wright, Ong Yikai, Ng Gha Yuan, Jerriel Lau, Oscar Tan Hong Ta, Ethan Chan Zhuo Xi, Afieq Azrin, Atticus Ng E Hin, Nigel Chan Zhe How and Olivia Cheong Kah Yan. The Relay Teams also made big wins with the Boys 13-14 winning Gold in the 100mts Freestyle. A detailed list of the medal winners is given below.

No doubt, it’s a great start for the swimming calendar for the year with both DSA Swim Team and Sonic Team bringing in the results. These victories are the outcome of the efforts and dedication to training by the swimmers DSA coaches and outstanding support by the parents who go to great lengths to motivate and nurture their children. We cannot thank them enough for all their hard work for this wonderful result and a great way to start of the Swimming Calendar for the year 2018. Onward Teams, and all the best to the young swimmers for the upcoming Meets!

MILO/PRAKL Age Group 2018 Medal Tally
PRAKL 2018-Medal tally
Selangor Age Group 2018 Medal Tally

Giant leap by DSA Swim Team at President Cup 2017

DSA rakes in a huge total of 725 points with 12 new records at eventful Meet

The 36th National Inter-Club Swimming Championship for The President Cup was held at the newly renovated National Aquatic Centre, KL Sports City on the 24-26th November, 2017. The Meet had 45 clubs from all over Malaysia taking part in what was as usual, the most hotly contested Meet of the swimming calendar in Malaysia.  The setting was prime with the upgraded facilities at the National Aquatic Centre being par with the best international standards.

Malaysia National and Olympic Swimmer, Welson Sim was part of the DSA team as a guest swimmer this year also, adding a new record in his event at the Meet. Welson’s presence was a huge morale boost and a source of immense inspiration to the young and upcoming swimmers of DSA. The champion had lots of tips to give the youngsters after his brilliant record breaking wins earlier in the same arena for the SEA Games in August.

DSA swimmers notched up a fabulous performance to close the calendar year, almost doubling the points tally of the last President Cup. There were plenty of top placings with Misa Okuzono, Yap Yong Jie and Darren Lew Chen Jet bringing in top honours with more than 15 first placings between them. Misa Okuzono also created 7 new Meet records, while Koh Tech Chen, Yap Yong Jie and Darren Lew Chen Jet added a new Meet record each to the tally. In addition, the 4×100 Relay team in the Boys 5-17 years also set a new time for the event. Great contributions were also made by Liam Eu Li-An, Dian Isandra Johan, Yumi Okuzono, Chong Hiong Kiet and GeorgeneWee Ee Jern for their events. A detailed list of the placings are given below.

With the last event of the year wrapped up, it’s been a great year for DSA with a host of young swimmers stepping up and improving a great deal making their success a source of pride not just for themselves but to the Team as a whole. Undoubtedly, there has been a lot of effort by a large support system starting with the parents, the DSA swim coaches and all the staff involved who have worked tirelessly to achieve this. Thank you Team DSA, One Team, One Dream and looking forward to the year 2018.

Medal Tally-President Cup 2017

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DSA swimmers make their mark in Brunei

Young first-timers win at 41st SEA Age Group Swimming Championships 2017

DSA Swimmers had much to celebrate as the young swimmers on their first experience at an International Meet brought home the medals for Malaysia at the 41st SEA Age Group Swimming Championships 2017 held at Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei between10-12 November 2017.

The swimmers included Darren Lew Chen Jet, Koh Teck Chen, Atticus Ng and Ong Yikai who had a great time at the Meet and the high level exposure brought out the best in them. Darren Lew Chen Jet, who has been very consistent in his performance at the Meets in Malaysia, gave a sterling display winning a very impressive 4 Golds and 1 Bronze at this International Meet. He was also awarded the Best Boy for his Group. Darren has definitely made great progress and his amazing talent is getting better with each Meet, being beautifully nurtured by the coaches at DSA. Koh Teck Chen won a Bronze and also made an impressive performance at his debut International Meet and we look forward to more victories from him. Other DSA swimmers who also made international debuts were Atticus Ng and Ong Yikai who also gave a good performance at their events.

The detailed medal tally was as follows

Darren Lew Chen Jet (Group 3 Boys 13& under)

  • 200m Backstroke – Gold
  • 100m Backstroke – Gold
  • 50m Backstroke – Gold
  • 50m Butterfly – Gold
  • 50m Freestyle – Bronze
  • Also Awarded Group 3 – Best Boy

Koh Teck Chen (Group 2 Boys 14-15)

  • 200m Butterfly – Bronze

Congratulations to the swimmers for bringing home the glory for Malaysia and DSA, and we await more laurels as more champions are created. A big thank you also to the DSA coaches, parents, friends and well-wishers for the steadfast and much needed guidance and support to the young champs.

DSA-SEA-Age group 2017

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DSA Swimmers through for SEA Age Group at Brunei

DSA SEA Age group

Congratulations to Darren Lew Chen Jet & Koh Teck Chen who were selected to represent Malaysia at the 41st SEA Age Group Championships to be held at Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei between 10-12 November 2017.

Darren Lew Chen Jet has been consistently at his best over the last few Meets making his mark at the Freestyle events. Darren recently made a new Meet record at the NSC/Milo/Sport Excel Junior Swimming Circuit – Grand Final this year, erasing not just the previous Meet record, but also the National Age Group (NAG) in the process. Besides this, he was also adjudged the Best Boy in his respective group at the Meet.

Koh Teck Chen has been winning a lot of accolades at the many Meets particularly in the Butterfly events, which is his favourite. Besides winning Golds at the NSC/Milo/Sport Excel Junior Swimming Circuit – Grand Final, Teck Chen also won Golds at the ASUM/NSC/MILO Mid & Long Distance Swimming Championships held recently.

We wish Darren and Teck Chen the very best of luck for their international outing and also a big thank you to the consistent and incomparable support of the DSA coaches, parents and others who have helped these two young champions along the way. One Team, One Dream, Go DSA!

DSA retains position at Mid & Long Distance Meet

DSA Swim Team runners-up at Meet with 24 Gold

DSA retains position at Mid & Long Distance Meet

DSA Swim Team continued their good run on the Meets with a runners-up position at the 2nd ASUM/NSC/MILO Mid & Long Distance Swimming Championships 2017 held at the National Aquatic Centre, Kuala Lumpur Sports City, Bukit Jalil on 21 and 22 October.

The young swimmers who took top honours included Yap Yong Jie, Misa Okuzono, Yumi Okuzono, Georgene Wee Ee Jern, Koh Teck Chen, Yap Yong Jia and fellow relay team members who all contributed towards the rich haul of 24 Golds at the Meet. The Medals Tally for the team is given below.

It was the second-last Meet of the Swim Calendar for the year and was the build-up for the prestigious President Cup slated for the second half of November at the same venue. We wish all the swimmers the best of luck in their training and preparation for the upcoming Meet.


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DSA wins big at Junior Splash 2

DSA Swim Team runners-up at Meet with 11 New Records, 22 Gold

DSA Swim Team gave a sterling performance at the second leg of the ASUM/NSC/Milo Junior Splash Swim 2017, just missing out being the champions, falling short by one Gold.

The young swimmers who took top honours included Darren Lew Chen Jet, Misa Okuzono and Yap Yong Jie who together made quite a few new Meet records. Other splendid performances included the Girls Group 4 and Boys Group 4 relay teams who won Gold in many events. The Meet had a delayed day one with swimmers staying back very late. The remaining days went smoothly and the swimmers had much to celebrate as they relished the success of the Meet. Many thanks goes out to the entire team, the DSA coaches and the support gives by the parents and well-wishers. A detailed highlights of the Team’s performance is as follows:

Darren Lew Chen Jet
100m Freestyle Group 3 – 58.62 (Gold) *new meet record
50m Backstroke Group 3 – 29.74 (Gold) *new meet record 
50m Butterfly Group 3 – 28.11 (Gold) *new meet record 
100m Backstroke Group 3 – 1:06.35 (Gold) *new meet record 
50m Freestyle Group 3 – 26.17 (Gold)*new meet record 

Yap Yong Jie
50m Backstroke Group 4 – 33.70 (Gold)*new meet record 

Misa Okuzono 50m Breaststroke Group 4 – 37.55 (Gold) *new meet record 
100m Backstroke Group 4 – 1:13.84 (Gold) *new meet record 
100m Breaststroke Group 4 – 1:20.87 (Gold)*new meet record 
100m Butterfly Group 4 – 1:07.59 (Gold) *new meet record 
50m Freestyle Group 4 – 29.65 (Gold) *new meet record 

Relay: 9-10 (Girls) Group 4
4x50M Free Relay – Gold
4x50M Medley Relay – Gold
4x100M Free Relay – Gold

Relay: 13-14 (Girls) Group 2
4x50M Free Relay -Silver
4x50M Medley Relay – Silver
4x100M Free Relay – Bronze
4x100M Medley Relay – Bronze

Relay: 9-10 (Boys) Group 4
4x50M Free Relay – Bronze
4x50M Medley Relay – Gold
4x100M Medley Relay – Gold

Relay: 11-12 (Boys) Group 3
4x50M Free Relay – Silver
4x50M Medley Relay – Bronze

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DSA Swim Team finish runner-up

Moves up to 2nd spot, just 5 points away from top at MILO/Sport Excel 2017 

DSA Swim Team made a great step forward as the Team finished as the runner-up just 5 points short of beating the champions at the NSC/Milo/Sport Excel Junior Swimming Circuit – Grand Final held at the Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras pool on the 12-13th August.

Yap Yong Jie and Darren Lew Chen Jet led the Team with top honours breaking 5 Meet records between them. They were also the Best Boys in their respective Groups.  Both of them brought back 4 Golds each in their events. Koh Teck Chen won 2 more Golds to add to his collection while 1 Gold each was added to the team by Georgene Wee Ee Jern and Liam Eu Li-An. It was a significant achievement for the Team to reach the second spot of the yearly Circuit Championship and that leaves only a couple of more Meets in the Calendar as the year draws to a close. The Team must not gear up for the most important Meet of the Calendar, The President Cup scheduled for late November.

The Record Breakers and Medals Tally of the Team was as follows:

Yap Yong Jie (Boy 10 & Under Group 4)

  • 50m Back 0:32.21 (Gold)*Broke MR (0:32.50) & NAG (0:33.62)
  • 100m Freestyle 1:03.35 (Gold)*Broke MR (1:03.79)
  • 100m Fly 1:08.76 (Gold)*Broke MR(1:10.27) & NAG (1:10.89)
  • 100m Back 1:09.31 (Gold)*Broke MR(1:11.28) & NAG (1:11.69)

Darren Lew Chen Jet (Boy 11-12 Group 3)

  • 50m Free 0:25.97 (Gold)*Broke MR (0:26.09) & NAG (0:26.15)
  1.  Yap Yong Jie – Best Group 4 Boys
  2.  Darren Lew Chen Jet – Best Group 3 Boys

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Golds for Misa & Yong Jie in Singapore

DSA Swim Team makes mark with new records at overseas Swim Meet

DSA Swim Team

DSA Swim Team participated in the Chinese Swimming Club Super Junior Swimming 2017 Meet held at the Chinese Swimming Club Pool, Singapore on August 5th and 6th. With over 700 swimmers from countries like Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam, it was an international exposure of sorts for the DSA Swim Team members. The small team who made it to the Meet included Chong Jun Ron, Cheong Hoe Hann, Noah Zameer Lee, Mutale Mwamba, Aisha Lee, Misa Okuzono, Yap Yong Jie, Natasha Sophea and Yoong Chang Shen.

Yap Yong Jie and Misa Okuzono led the Team on a winning note on the very first event of with Golds. It was a tremendous performance as the swimmers shed a couple of seconds and it was another new record for Misa who was the girls’ (11-year-olds) Most Valuable Swimmer. She set new meet records in all of her wins (50m breast, back, fly, free, 100m fly, free, back and breast, 200m free and medley), except the 200m free. Brilliant performances also by Chong Jun Ron, Cheong Hoe Hann, Noah Zameer Lee, Mutale Mwamba, Aisha Lee, Natasha Sophea and Yoong Chang Shen in smashing their Personal Bests. It was remarkable that all the Team members improved on the Personal Bests despite being their first performance in a foreign pool. It was a sweet payoff for the incredible amount of training the swimmers had been putting in over the months and a big applause to the DSA coaches for their awesome guidance and hard work.

We look forward to more participation from the Team at such international events where the swimmers gain a great amount of experience rubbing shoulders and facing off with swimming clubs from other countries.

The Medals Tally and points contribution by the swimmers were as

No. Name Gold Silver Bronze Points
1 Cheong Hoe Hann 3
2 Noah Zameer ee 29
3 Mutale Mwamba 2
4 Yap Yong Jie 5 3
No. Name Gold Silver Bronze Points
1 Misa Okuzono 10 137

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Records tumble at ARENA Short Course

DSA Swim Team breaks 22 records and brings home 50 Golds in a splendid performance

DSA Swim Team had another splendid performance to add to the scoreboard as the team collected over 120 medals at the 6th Selangor ARENA Short Course Sprint Invitational Swimming Championships, 2017. The Meet was held at Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan, Shah Alam between 28- 30 July. Wonder girl Misa Okuzono was at her best, winning all her events in record time while Yap Yong Jie made a clean sweep of his events with 11 Golds and 7 new records. New records were also created by Relay teams, as the boys, girls and mixed relays had winners from DSA Swim Team. Koh Teck Chen won 6 Golds while Cheong Hoe Hann and Dian Isandra Johan collected 4 Golds to bring home. Other winners included Natasha Sophea Mohd Firdaus, Aw Jian Ting, Joshua Liew Zi Xian and Yumi Okuzono with 2 Golds and many Silvers and Bronzes between them. A detailed tally of the Record breakers and Medals tally is given below.

Misa Okuzono (Girls 10 & Under Group 4)

  •      200m Free 2:15.62 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(2:22.58)
  •      50m Back 0:32.37 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(0:34.34)
  •    100m Fly 1:07.61 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(1:11.16)
  •    50m Breast 0:37.20 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(0:37.99)
  •    100m Free 1:02.29 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(1:05.60)
  •    50m Fly 0:30.24 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(0:31.74)
  •    100m Back 1:09.79 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(1:13.22)
  •    100m IM 1:09.41 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(1:13.83)
  •    200m IM 2:28.16 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(2:37.02)
  •    100m Breast 1:19.28 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(1:23.72)
  •    50m Free 0:28.78 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(0:29.77)

Yap Yong Jie (Boys 10 & Under Group 4)

  •    50m Breast 0:37.59 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(0:39.05)
  •    100m Freestyle 1:03.66 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(1:05.07)
  •    50m Fly 0:31.85 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(0:32.07)
  •    100m Back 1:09.13 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(1:15.76)
  •    100m IM 1:10.87(Gold)*Broke Meet Record(1:15.14)
  •    200m IM 2:31.31 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(2:43.35)
  •    50m Free 0:28.85 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(0:28.94)

Relay (Boys)# Boys 10 & Under 4x25m Free    

  • Joshua Liew Zi Xian, Aw Jian Ting, Cheong Hoe Hann, Yap Yong Jie 0:58.18 (Gold) Meet Record: 0:58.36

 Relay (Girls) # Girls 10 & Under 4x25m IM    

  • Misa Okuzono, Dian Isandra Johan, Natasha Sophea, Aisha Burley 1:03.51 (Gold) Meet Record: 1:04.75

Relay (Mixed)# Mixed 10 & Under 4x50m Free    

  • Misa Okuzono, Dian Isandra Johan, Cheong Hoe Hann, Yap Yong Jie 2:00.56 (Gold) Meet Record: 2:03.87

# Mixed 10 & Under 4x50m IM  

  • Misa Okuzono, Dian Isandra Johan, Cheong Hoe Hann, Yap Yong Jie 2:14.63 (Gold) Meet Record: 2:20.88


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DSA triumphs again at Junior Splash

DSA Swim Team retains the overall championship with historical 28 New Records, over 60 Gold

DSA Swim Team-ASUM/NSC/MILO Junior Splash Swim, Leg 1

DSA Swim Team made history of sorts at the Junior Splash Swim Meets as it made yet another repeat performance, retaining the top spot at the ASUM/NSC/MILO Junior Splash Swim, Leg 1 held recently at Kompleks Renang Kuala Lumpur.

The DSA Swim Team practically ruled the competition, with an incredible number of new records and top spots bringing home more than 60 Gold. The record breaking achievements include

Misa Okuzono (Girl 9-10 Group 4)

  • 100m Free 1:03.06 (Gold)*Broke Splash Record(1:07.11)
  • 50m Back 0:34.84 (Gold)*Broke Splash Record(0:35.96)
  • 200m IM 2:39.05 (Gold)*Broke Splash Record(2:41.76)
  • 50m Breast 0:37.76 (Gold)*Broke Splash Record(0:40.66)
  • 200m Free 2:16.45 (Gold)*Broke Splash Record(2:24.83)
  • 50m Fly 0:31.13 (Gold)*Broke Splash Record(0:33.24)
  • 100m Back 1:14.51 (Gold)*Broke Splash Record(1:18.57)
  • 100m Breast 1:21.60 (Gold)*Broke Splash Record(1:26.75)
  • 100m Fly 1:08.31 (Gold)*Broke Splash Record(1:13.67)
  • 50m Free 0:29.69 (Gold)*Broke Splash Record(0:31.26)

Yap Yong Jie (Boy 9-10 Group 4)

  • 200m IM 2:39.05 (Gold)*Broke Splash Record(2:48.87)
  • 50m Breast 0:38.93 (Bronze)*Broke Splash Record(0:39.98)
  • 200m Free 2:22.76 (Gold)*Broke Splash Record(2:27.06)
  • 50m Fly 0:32.14 (Gold)*Broke Splash Record(0:34.11)
  • 100m Back 1:12.27 (Gold)*Broke Splash Record(1:17.14)
  • 100m Breast 1:25.87(Bronze)*Broke Splash Record(1:27.42)
  • 100m Fly 1:11.33 (Gold)*Broke Splash Record(1:17.10)
  • 50m Free 0:29.47 (Gold)*Broke Splash Record(0:30.07)

Chong Hiong Kiet (Boy 9-10 Group 4)

  • 50m Breast 0:38.71 (Gold)*Broke Splash Record(0:39.98)
  • 100m Breast 1:24.06 (Gold)*Broke Splash Record(1:27.42)

Darren Lew Chen Jet (Boy 11-12 Group 3)

  • 200m Free 2:09.73 (Gold)*Broke Splash Record(2:11.06)
  • 50m Fly 0:28.29 (Gold)*Broke Splash Record(0:29.69)

Zachary Chin Zi Yong (Boy 11-12 Group 3)

  • 50m Free 0:27.47 (Gold)*Broke Splash Record(0:27.97)

Relay (Boys)

# Boys 9-10 4x50m Free
Joshua Liew Zi Xian, Cham Yu Xiang, Chong Hiong Kiet, Yap Yong Jie 2:13.23 (Bronze) SPLASH Record: 2:14.00L

# Boys 9-10 4x50m IM
Joshua Liew Zi Xian, Chong Hiong Kiet, Yap Yong Jie, Aw Jian Ting 2:25.37 (Bronze) SPLASH Record: 2:30.67L

# Boys 9-10 4x100m Free
Joshua Liew Zi Xian, Chong Hiong Kiet, Yap Yong Jie, Aw Jian Ting 4:55.02 (Silver) SPLASH Record: 4:59.04L

# Boys 9-10 4x100m IM
Joshua Liew Zi Xian, Cham Yu Xiang, Chong Hiong Kiet, Yap Yong Jie 5:28.91 (Bronze) SPLASH Record: 5:42.16L

Relay (Girls)

# Girls 9-10 4x50m IM
Lean Yiyi, Misa Okuzono, Dian Isandra Johan, Natasha Sophea Mohd Firdaus 2:28.94 (Gold) SPLASH Record: 2:32.45L

# Girls 9-10 4x100m Free
Lean Yiyi, Misa Okuzono, Dian Isandra Johan, Natasha Sophea Mohd Firdaus 4:52.79 (Gold) SPLASH Record: 4:57.73L

# Girls 9-10 4x100m IM 
Lean Yiyi, Misa Okuzono, Dian Isandra Johan, Natasha Sophea Mohd Firdaus 4:52.79 (Gold)  SPLASH Record: 5:36.81L

Brilliance shone as DSA Swim Team swimmers like Misa Okuzono and Yumi Okuzono lead out the field in their events (including relays) winning an astounding 15 Gold and 7 Gold respectively. Koh Teck Chen and Yap Yong Jie added 6 more Gold to their collection, Darren Lew Chen Jet garnered 5 Gold. Lean Yiyi, Lee Jia Jing, Dian Isandra Johan  and Chung Ze Xuan with 4 Gold; Natasha Sophea Mohd Firdaus  with 3 Gold; Zachary Chin Zi Yong, Lim Shun Yuan, Wesley Kam Zhuo Wei and Chong Hiong Kiet with 2 Gold and Elsa Eow Yeng Yii with 1 Gold were the among the medal winners for the team.

A big win indeed for the team of over 100 young swimmers who participated in the Meet, the 2nd leg of which will be held in Pusat Akuatik Hang Jebat, Melaka between 22-24 September. A big round of applause goes to the entire team, the coaches, parents and well-wishers who are the driving force behind the continued success of the swimmers.

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NSC/Milo/Sport Excel Junior Swimming Circuit-2nd Leg

Meet Record and 5 Golds for DSA

The second leg of the NSC/Milo/Sport Excel Junior Swimming Circuit for 2017 was held at Pusat Akuatik Hang Jebat, Melaka on 20-21 May where DSA Swim Team once again retained their position in the Top 3 Swimming Clubs. The Team carried on their outstanding performance from the fist leg  which gave the team a finish at 3rd position in the final team scores with 1,296 points.

Brilliant performances included a record breaking swim byYap Yong Jie in the 100m Back Stroke making a new Meet record with a time of 1.11:28 besides taking the Gold in 50m Butterfly, 100m Freestyle and Butterfly. Dian Isandra Johan brought in the other Gold for the 50m Butterfly in her group, bringing the total Gold to 5 for DSA which was a significant increase from last year’s Meet. Georgene Wee and Koh Teck Chen added 2 more Silvers and few more Bronzes to the tally. The medal winners and those who contributed significantly by reaching the Top 24 in their events are listed below:

Swimmers-Point-ContributionYap Yong Jie (Boy 10 & Under Group 4)

  • 50m Back 33.83 (Silver)
  • 100m Breast 1.26.47 (Bronze)
  • 50m Fly 32.44 (Gold)
  • 100m Free 1.05.29 (Gold)
  • 100m Fly 1.11.83 (Gold)
  • 100m Back 1.11.28 (Gold) *New Meet Record
  • 50m Free 30.06 (Silver)

Dian Isandra Johan (Girl 10 & Under Group 4)

  • 50m Back 38.25 (Bronze)
  • 100m Breast 1.30.83 (Bronze)
  • 50m Fly 34.99 (Gold)
  • 100m Fly 1.23.70 (Bronze)
  • 50m Breast 41.42 (Bronze)
  • 100m Back 1.26.11 (Bronze)

Georgene Wee (Girl 13-14 Group 2)

  • 100m Breast 1.19.97 (Silver)
  • 50m Breast 36.41 (Bronze)

Koh Teck Chen (Boy 13-14 Group 2)

  • 100m Fly 1.00.24 (Silver)

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Yumi wins Gold at Malaysia Open 2017


DSA swimmer Yumi Okuzono won her first Gold in Malaysia Open Swimming Championships for the 200m Butterfly Women. Representing the KL Team at the Malaysia Open Swimming Championship (MOSC 2017) held at Pusat Akuatik Hang Jebat, Melaka between 4th to 7th May, Yumi struck Gold on Day 4 of the Meet with an improved personal best timing of 2:24.29. It was a great achievement for young Yumi who being just 14 yrs of age, participated in the Women age group for the event. Yumi was also in the final for 50m and 100 m Butterfly, 100m Breast Stroke, and 200m and 400m Individual Medleys. She has been steadily moving up her performance to compete and win at international Meets. We are sure to see more of her in the coming years as she gets faster and stronger.

In addition, other DSA swimmers representing KL Team who sparkled at the Meet were Georgene Wee Ee Jern who was in the final for the 50m Backstroke Women, 200m and 800m Freestyle Women. Koh Tech Chen also made it to the final 8 of the 200m Butterfly Men. Reaching this level and competing with the best nationwide and in the region is no mean feat. and we congratulate all the swimmers, coaches and parents for their dedication and commitment. A great day for the swim team to see more of their swimmers reaching to greater heights and we look forward to even more in the future.