Rob Greenwood and Joseph Schooling, a sky-high morale booster for DSA Swim Team

DSA Swim Clinic 2019


A two day Swim Clinic exclusively for DSA Swim Team members was held on 6th-7th April at the National Aquatic Centre, Bukit Jalil, KL Sports City. The Clinic was conducted by International Coach, Rob Greenwood and Olympic Gold Medalist, Joseph Schooling. The sessions on the first day included techniques for Backstroke, turns and getting the finer points of the Butterfly stroke with the 2016 Olympic Champion, Joseph Schooling. The second day’s sessions included bettering the swimming styles of Freestyle, Breaststroke starts and dives.

For the many young swimmers of the DSA Swim Team who had an amazing time attending the Swim Clinic, it was no doubt a great opportunity to witness first hand a world-class swimmer going through the drills and demonstration of the Butterfly stroke. The Q & A sessions which followed gave the swimmers a deeper understanding into the process of development of a world class swimmer and the many aspects that go into it. Joseph Schooling discussed factors like time management, nutrition intake, race mentality and other elements a swimmer has to be aware and focused on when it comes to competing at international levels. The DSA coaches who also attended the Swim Clinic had a great experience learning and understanding better coaching methods and skills and further enhanced their capabilities in these areas through their interactions with Rob Greenwood.

DSA wishes to thank both Rob Greenwood and Joseph Schooling for the tremendous effect they had on the DSA Swim Team members through the Swim Clinic. DSA also thanks all the swimmers and parents who were a part of these amazing and rewarding two day morale booster and look forward to the oncoming Meets during the year.


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