Records tumble at ARENA Short Course

DSA Swim Team breaks 22 records and brings home 50 Golds in a splendid performance

DSA Swim Team had another splendid performance to add to the scoreboard as the team collected over 120 medals at the 6th Selangor ARENA Short Course Sprint Invitational Swimming Championships, 2017. The Meet was held at Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan, Shah Alam between 28- 30 July. Wonder girl Misa Okuzono was at her best, winning all her events in record time while Yap Yong Jie made a clean sweep of his events with 11 Golds and 7 new records. New records were also created by Relay teams, as the boys, girls and mixed relays had winners from DSA Swim Team. Koh Teck Chen won 6 Golds while Cheong Hoe Hann and Dian Isandra Johan collected 4 Golds to bring home. Other winners included Natasha Sophea Mohd Firdaus, Aw Jian Ting, Joshua Liew Zi Xian and Yumi Okuzono with 2 Golds and many Silvers and Bronzes between them. A detailed tally of the Record breakers and Medals tally is given below.

Misa Okuzono (Girls 10 & Under Group 4)

  •      200m Free 2:15.62 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(2:22.58)
  •      50m Back 0:32.37 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(0:34.34)
  •    100m Fly 1:07.61 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(1:11.16)
  •    50m Breast 0:37.20 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(0:37.99)
  •    100m Free 1:02.29 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(1:05.60)
  •    50m Fly 0:30.24 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(0:31.74)
  •    100m Back 1:09.79 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(1:13.22)
  •    100m IM 1:09.41 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(1:13.83)
  •    200m IM 2:28.16 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(2:37.02)
  •    100m Breast 1:19.28 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(1:23.72)
  •    50m Free 0:28.78 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(0:29.77)

Yap Yong Jie (Boys 10 & Under Group 4)

  •    50m Breast 0:37.59 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(0:39.05)
  •    100m Freestyle 1:03.66 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(1:05.07)
  •    50m Fly 0:31.85 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(0:32.07)
  •    100m Back 1:09.13 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(1:15.76)
  •    100m IM 1:10.87(Gold)*Broke Meet Record(1:15.14)
  •    200m IM 2:31.31 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(2:43.35)
  •    50m Free 0:28.85 (Gold)*Broke Meet Record(0:28.94)

Relay (Boys)# Boys 10 & Under 4x25m Free    

  • Joshua Liew Zi Xian, Aw Jian Ting, Cheong Hoe Hann, Yap Yong Jie 0:58.18 (Gold) Meet Record: 0:58.36

 Relay (Girls) # Girls 10 & Under 4x25m IM    

  • Misa Okuzono, Dian Isandra Johan, Natasha Sophea, Aisha Burley 1:03.51 (Gold) Meet Record: 1:04.75

Relay (Mixed)# Mixed 10 & Under 4x50m Free    

  • Misa Okuzono, Dian Isandra Johan, Cheong Hoe Hann, Yap Yong Jie 2:00.56 (Gold) Meet Record: 2:03.87

# Mixed 10 & Under 4x50m IM  

  • Misa Okuzono, Dian Isandra Johan, Cheong Hoe Hann, Yap Yong Jie 2:14.63 (Gold) Meet Record: 2:20.88


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