Are You Ready For A Swim Meet?

These are a few simple steps to get prepare for a Swim Meet.

Swimmers! Are you ready to pick up the challenge? Here we go!


Sleep Early: Sleep early if you are waking up early the next day. Teenagers & Kids will need at least 9 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep will get fatigue easily.


Breakfast: A light breakfast to avoid from gastric and hunger in the morning. Milk, fruit juice, cereal, bread, pasta and banana in modest quantity to allow swimmers to consume energy for the next 2 hours. REMEMBER, NO SUGAR!


Warm Up: Stretch your muscles and feel the water before the race start. Do not worn out yourself before the race start. Conditioned your body to suit the pool water.


Rest: Do not rush or panic. Minimize the movement of jumping and walking. Conserve your energy for the race! Rest where ever possible.

1-03Water/Liquid: Drink plenty of H2o (Water) & fruit juice before, during and after the swim meet. Insufficient water/liquid will affect the race performance. Always remember to avoid from carbonated drinks as it is high in sugar.


Dinner: Carbohydrates & protein will be the best type of food for the night before swim meet.

1-06Visualize and Focus: 100% concentration and focus needed throughout the race. Nervous, stress and over pressure will affect the race performance. It is important to visualize the upcoming race from the beginning of the race till the end of the race. Set a final time that you would want to see on the result board. This will boost a positive attitude.

The most important thing is to HAVE FUN!