34th National Inter-Club Swimming Championship (President Cup)

34th National Inter-Club Swimming Championship (President Cup)

What a way to finish the year for the DSA Swim Team!

As always, the months and months of build-up and training had a sweet ending with records, medals and best ever points score at the 34th President Cup, held at Pusat Akuatik Hang Jebat in Malacca on 27-29 November 2015.

Thanks to a stellar performance by the swimmers, DSA Swim Team made great strides in the team standings, coming in third (549 points), a massive move up from sixth (249 points) last year.

Great appreciation goes to the strong support of the parents of the swimmers and the DSA coaches who have seen many a swimmer turn champion under their proficient training. Hats off to the DSA coaches yet again!  Together with the swimmers, the great efforts, hard work and endeavour has brought DSA Swim Team to a position of the Top 3 Swimming Clubs in Malaysia in a short span of less than 4 years.

The message of DSA Swim Team at this swim meet was to “Stand-up for Moderation”, a very relevant message for a multi-cultural society like Malaysia today. Unity is a precious gift which as Malaysians, we must all seek to protect and preserve. DSA hopes that this message of unity can be spread to everyone, making Malaysia a harmonious place to live, learn, work and play.

The atmosphere, team spirit and unity at the Meet was remarkable this year with a lot of cheering from everyone in the team whenever a DSA swimmer was at the starting blocks. The cheering on the last day by the whole team was astounding and will be remembered for some time to come. And, yes, the cheering did have its effects!

Young Darren Lew Chen, the upcoming freestyle champion created a new record in the Group 4 Boys (10 yrs & under) 100m Freestyle with a timing of 1:02.15. He also won a total of 5 Gold at the Meet. We are going to see many more accomplishments from Darren in the coming years for sure!

Other winning performances included Yumi Okozono (2 Gold), Phobe H Law (2 Gold), Koh Tech Chen (1 Gold). Significant contributions were also made by Wesley Kam, Misa Okuzono, Lee Jia Jing, Liong Jee Xerc  and Jack Leetham who together added 165 points to the total tally.

The results show the young swimmers improving greatly, learning with each experience. Timings improved by 5 seconds or more for these younger swimmers and in some cases first timers even, and this accomplishment within a period of 3 months is simply outstanding.  In all, it was a great ending for the years swimming calendar, and the swimmers have the holiday season to have a breather and enjoy some time off. 2016 beckons with PRA-KL on the calendar opening the season at the end of January.

Onward DSA Swim Team, to greater performances ahead!

The DSA Swim Team medals and points tally were as: