51st MILO/PRAM Malaysia Invitational Age Group Championship 2015 – Results

The 51st MILO/PRAM Malaysia Invitational Age Group Championship this year saw some great performances from DSA swimmers who participated in the meet representing their respective states. With intense competition from other states and also a top-class team from Hong Kong, the Malaysian teams had a strong fight on their hands during the 3 days of competitions.

Congratulations to all DSA swimmers who represent their respective states who have performed extremely well in this meet.

Great performances include 7 Golds + 4 Silver for Lim Shun Qi (Selangor Team),
3 Silver + 1 Bronze for Lee Jia Jing (KL Team),
2 Silver + 1 Bronze for  Koh Tech Chen (KL Team),
2 Silver each for Sean Goh (KL Team), Yumi Okozuno (KL Team),
2 Silver  + 1 Bronze for Wesley Kam (KL Team).
1 Silver each for Georgene Wee (KL Team) and Chung Ze Xuan (KL Team).

The Relay teams performances were very creditable with DSA swimmers making good headway into the medal count for their respective states. These include-

Group 4 Girls Selangor Relay & Medley Team which included Lim Shun Qi won Golds in both events.
Group 4 Boys KL Relay & Medley Team with young Wesley Kam won Silvers in both events.
Group 3 Girls KL Relay Team which included Georgene Wee, who were considered by many as the underdog of the group, won a very well-deserved Silver.
Group 3 Boys KL Medley Team which included Lee Jia Jing and Koh Tech Chen picked up another Silver as well as Group 3 Boys KL Freestyle Relay Team with Koh Tech Chen and Chung Ze Xuan picked up a Silver in the event.

Besides the medal winners, DSA swimmers were elated having made new personal bests (PBs) in most of the events.

Way to go DSA swimmers and a hearty round of applause to all of the swimmers and the unending support of the parents for yet another great performance. Thank you to DSA coaches for their dedication and efforts in mentoring the swimmers.