Bronze Level Ironman & Six Star Marathon Major to mentor DSAS Swimmers

Dato’ Setia Aubry Mennesson


DSA is honoured to have the special privilege of  welcoming Dato’ Setia Aubry Mennesson, the life partner of Tengku Datin Paduka Setia Zatashah, the second daughter Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, the current and ninth Sultan of Selangor, on board as Honorary Patron of the DSAS Swim Team.


Dato’ Setia Aubry Mennesson is an acclaimed sports personality, having the significant merit of being part of an elite group of having earned the Abbot World Marathon Majors’ Six Star Finisher medals.


The Abbott World Marathon Majors is a series of the six largest and most renowned marathons of the world, called the Big Six, which includes Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York. Runners who complete the full routes in all these cities qualify for the Six Star Finisher medal. Completing the marathons is no mean feat, and for Mennesson, it was even tougher. He was seriously injured before his venture into this running challenge and had spent an agonizing year barely even able to walk. His determination and training shone through as he completed the marathons to join this selected group of athletes.


Dato’ Setia Aubry Mennesson is also an accomplished triathlete, being a Bronze level in 70.3 Ironman All World Athlete Program.

Dato’ Setia Aubry Mennesson
The Bronze level is given to athletes who are in the top ten percent or better in the Ironman races.

Mennesson ‘s love for sports is legendary and he is adding this value to the DSAS Swim team. He believes that DSA is instilling the right mindset and principles to the swimmers for their development in the sport. Mennesson says that besides the young children, the team of parents, coaches and employees also play an important part in the development of swimming in the state of Selangor & Malaysia.


As a patron, Mennesson looks forward to share his experience in overcoming the adversities as an athlete to the swimmers.  His presence will be a motivation to the young swimmers to challenge themselves to a higher level. Having the mentorship of such accomplished and world class athletes will add immense value to the training in competitive swimming for the Swim Team.


Dato’ Setia Aubry Mennesson


Besides this, Mennesson will also be advising and guiding the DSAS Swim Team in developing ideas and strategies to expand the value and importance of swimming to society. Swimming needs to develop a lot more as Malaysia has a large coastline and statistics have shown the large number of fatalities of children through drowning which is preventable by proper swimming and life-saving skills education. In addition to providing many health benefits, swimming as an activity also has many positive impacts on the society as a whole. DSA together with Dato’ Setia Aubry Mennesson is going the distance to bring swimming into the everyday life of Malaysians.