DSA Swimmers staying successful through efficient time management

Continuing your swim training through high school and university

Continuing your swim training

Children can achieve better academic performance through swimming

Teaching children swimming and swim training is an important priority for most parents around the world and it is no different here in Malaysia. With drowning the leading cause of death in children in the ages 1-4 among preventable injuries, this is an important responsibility.  But, as the child grows older, academics gain importance, and more than often, swim training tends to be on the back burner and usually stops completely.

Researchers have shown that, in general, children who engage in activities like swimming are motivated to do well in academic studies as well.  Studies have shown that children  can achieve better academic performance and are likely to get better grades along with language development, reading and writing. The chance of experiencing success in sports raises the childs’ morale, confidence and self esteem tremendously and they tend to keep that positivity in the academics also as they apply themselves harder.

Main ingredient in making both work is allowing flexibility and support

However, it is important to find the proper balance between pursuing swimming at a higher training level and keeping up the grades in high school and above. Too much time in the pool may cause grades to go down, and missing too many practice sessions may see more missed medals at competitions. The main ingredient in making both work is allowing flexibility and support. Academic individuals who can combine their studies with high training can achieve almost anything. And doing well in competitions can also help them find their way into colleges and higher education with scholarships. Most colleges around the world have flexibility where both training and education can grow in parallel.

Swimmers here in DSA Swim Team also have been able to develop their performance levels with continued training while securing high levels of achievement in the academics.  It is the efficient management and balancing of training times and academics that has helped them reach where they are now.  These swimmers have achieved State level participation and have represented Malaysia on an international level as well.   They are also attending schools/college with admissions through scholarships.

DSA Swimmers are efficiently managing swimming with academics

DSA swimmers

(left to right) Fatin Amira, Lew Yan Zheng, Nigel Chan, Atticus Ng

Lew Yan Zheng, currently attending Year 11 for IGCSE in British International School, Phuket (BISP) had received scholarship to join BISP.

Atticus Ng, who was awarded the High Performance Swimming Team scholarship at the British International School, Phuket (BISP) is currently attending Year 10.

Nigel Chan Zhe How, who is currently doing International Baccalaureate Program in British International School, Phuket (BISP) had also received scholarship from BISP.

Fatin Amira Bt Ahmad Hadri, who is currently doing A-Levels in Taylor’s College had received 100% scholarship from Taylor’s College.

The achievements by these swimmers have been possible because of their dedication to their training while efficiently managing their time for academics as well. A big part of this was the support and encouragement of not only their parents, but also the DSA team of coaches.  These achievers are the stalwarts who are a demonstration that securing your future through higher education need not come only by stopping all other activities or, that high performance training does not mean giving up or losing on education. They will always be a source of inspiration to upcoming champions and swimmers that anything is possible through hard work, dedication and time management.