DSA Champs at going the distance

DSA Swimming Club wins overall at Mid & Long Distance Meet with 20 new records, over 30 Golds

3rd ASUM/NSC/MILO Mid & Long Distance Swimming Championship 2018

The young swimmers of DSA and DSAS Swimming Club made a huge triumph by winning the Overall Championship at the 3rd ASUM/NSC/MILO Mid & Long Distance Swimming Championship 2018 held at the National Aquatic Centre, Bukit Jalil on 13-14 October. Competing together as a single team, it was resounding victory as the nearly 100 strong bunch of young swimmers beat the runner-ups by over 250 points and a smashing 20 new records including the Relays.

Going to the Meet a majority of them were experiencing competitive long distance swimming for the first time participating in the 200m, 400m, 1500m etc events. The Relay teams coming together for the first time, as swimmers from both DSA and DSAS paired up and the results speak for themselves as they created more than 4 new records in the Relays.

The record breakers, events and timings were as follows 

Tan Zhi Jian

  • 4th 800m Free, Meet rec: 9:59.50 New rec: 9:56.16
  • 4th 1500m Free, Meet rec: 19:17.41 New rec: 19:13.06

Misa Okuzono

  • 1st 200m IM, meet rec: 2:33.00 New rec: 2:25.99
  • 1st 400m Free, Meet Rec: 4:53.35 New rec: 4:37.02
  • 1st 400m IM, Meet Rec: 5:28.17 New rec: 5:08.63
  • 1st 200m Free, Meet Rec: 2:18.28 New rec: 2:10.51

Chong Xin Lin

  • 1st 10&U 200m Back, Meet Rec: 2:45.65 New rec: 2:41.08

Georgene Wee Ee Jern

  • 1st 800m Free, meet rec 9:59.53 New rec: 9:43.29
  • 1st 200m IM, meet rec: 2:33.31 New rec:  2:31.60
  • 1st 200m Breast, meet rec: 2:51.72 New rec: 2:50.35
  • 1st 400m Free, meet rec: 4:49.00 New rec: 4:46.25
  • 1st 200m Free, meet rec: 2:15.60 New rec: 2:14.34 

Alma Louise, Bendix Dahl

  • 1st 200m Back, Meet Rec: 2:37.84 New rec: 2:32.91
  • 2nd 200m IM, Meet Rec: 2:33.00 New rec: 2:30.93
  • 1st 200m Fly Meet Rec: 2:30.05 New rec: 2:28.86
  • 2nd 400m IM, Meet Rec: 5:28.17 New rec: 5:22.07

Yap Yong Jie

  • 2nd 200m IM, Meet Rec: 2:28.17 New rec: 2:24.14
  • 1st 400m IM, Meet Rec: 5:11.86 New rec: 5:06.00
  • 3rd 200m Free, Meet Rec: 2:10.46 New rec: 2:09.75

Jerriel Lau

  • 1st 200m IM, meet rec: 2:44.86 New rec: 2:38.93
  • 1st Girls 15 – 17 400m IM, Meet Rec: 5:54.07 New rec: 5:39.04

Lew Yan  Zheng

  • 1st Boys 13 – 14 1500m Free, Meet Rec: 17:46.86 New rec: 17:18.07

Relay Record Breakers

1st  Girls 10 & Under 4×200 Freestyle Relay, meet Rec: 11:12.18 New rec: 10:25.96
Grace Kim, YiYi Lean, Pan Celyn Xiao Ying, Xin Lin Chong

2nd  Boys 11-12 4×200 Freestyle Relay, meet Rec: 9:23.70 New rec: 9:13.47
Yong Jie Yap, ETHAN Chan Zhuo XI , Asher Shaqur, Zhi Jian Tan

1st Girls 11-12 4×200 Freestyle Relay, meet Rec: 9:56.03 New rec: 9:29.55
Bendix Dahl Alma Louise, Zhi Tong Lew, Alison Athena Wright, Misa Okuzono

2nd Boys 13-14 4×200 Freestyle Relay, Meet Rec: 8:43.49 New rec: 8:20.54
Lew Yan Zheng, Atticus Ng E Hin, William Hills, Adam Jeffrey Dillon

1st Boys 15-17 4×200 Freestyle Relay, Meet Rec: 9:36.77 New rec: 8:39.16
Sean Goh Min Chang, Ze Xuan Chung, Shanyong Tan, Daniel Liew Jia Hau

1st Mixed 11-12 4×200 Freestyle Relay, Meet Rec: 9:19.12 New rec: 9:03.42
Misa Okuzono, Zhi Jian Tan, Zhi Tong Lew, Yong Jie Yap 

In addition to the Meet records, the team also won a whole lot of medals which included over 30 Golds.  Kudos to the teams for coming together and winning the Team Championship and it was a big confidence booster for the swimmers for the upcoming President Cup next month. We sincerely thank the dedication and hard training efforts put in by both the swimmers and the DSA coaches in keeping the team in high spirits and propelling them ever forward.  A detailed view of the Medals tally is shown below.


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