DSA Swim Team finish Swimming Calendar as First Runners-Up

38th President Cup 2019 Inter-Club Swimming Championship

Swimming Club completes the year with 10 Meet Records at the President Cup Meet

DSA Swim Team under DSAS Swimming Club celebrated a glorious finish to the year’s swimming activities with a First Runners-Up position in the 38th President Cup 2019 Inter-Club Swimming Championship. Held at Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan, Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, the President Cup brings together Swimming Clubs from all over Malaysia, vying for the Top spot and the Championship title.

The young DSA swimmers did the club extremely proud as the final scores saw the Club standing just 67.50 points behind the leader, a massive step up from the previous year when they were at second Runners-Up position, trailing about 400 points behind. This was the biggest team for the Club at the Meet with a total of 316 swimmers roaring support under the DSAS banner.

Outstanding performances included 8 Golds with 7 Meet Records from Alma Louise Bendix Dahl and 4 Golds with 2 Meet Records from Yap Yong Jie. Other outstanding performances were by Sebastien Rion Azlir, Mellissa Nailly Darwin, Chong Hiong Kiet, Chong Xin Lin, Liew Xiao Rou, Liam Eu Li-An (1 Meet Record), Carynn Kay Chan, Fatin Amira Ahmad Hadri, Leong Wan Ying (DSA Coach). Besides these, sterling performances by the young upcoming champions and other swimmers who gave it their all, was the reason that DSAS was within reach of the title and finished at first runners-up spot. A detailed medal tally by the swimmers is given in the table below.

A source of inspiration for the young swimmers is to see their favorite coaches in action, and DSA Coaches Leong Wan Ying, Gerard Goh and Anukul Wong stepped up to the challenge  by participating this year. Swimmers were ecstatic and cheered as they witnessed their coaches in action. Leong Wan Ying who was ex Sarawak SUKMA Swimmer, has won a Silver in 50m Butterfly, adding much to the thrills of the young fans.

An added attraction was the presence of DSAS Team Mentor, Dato’ Setia Aubry who visited the venue and the team on the second day of the Meet. He was there to understand the developments in the Malaysian swimming in Selangor and to give encouragement to DSAS swimmers.

Having reached the greatest result in the Meet so far, the Club can look ahead for greater achievements in the future and also look back at the years gone by and recognize the efforts of everyone who had a part to play in the team’s performances. From a very few meets a few years ago, the team now participates in more than 12 Meets every year and this requires the utmost dedication of the Team as a whole. Undoubtedly, there a lot of sacrifices not only by the young swimmers, but also the parents, the coaches and the DSA team members. This large support system of the parents, the DSA swim coaches and all the staff have been at their very best to make these great results happen.

Hats off to the team, thank you DSA Swim Team, One Team, One Dream and all the best for the year 2020.


medals tally



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