DSA Swimmers celebrate double delight

The double champion

Clubs crowned Champions in PRAKL and SAG 2020 Swim Meets

DSA Swimmers had a mega blast off as they made history winning both the recently concluded Swim Meets at the very start of the year’s Swimming calendar. DSA Swimming Club came out victors in the MILO/PRAKL Age Group Swimming Championship 2020 held at Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras, KL, on 10-12 Jan, while DSAS Swim Club were Champions at the 30th Selangor Age Group Swimming Championship 2020 held at Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan, Shah Alam, on the same weekend.

The PRAKL Meet had some outstanding performance from the young swimmers of DSA, who were in full force, the biggest team of the Meet and they made an astounding 19 new Individual Meet Records and 7 new Meet  Relay Records. Champion swimmer Alma Louise Bendix Dahl swept the field with an unbelievable 12 Golds with 11 Meet records in the 13-14 yrs Girls category, while Chong Xin Lin added 10 Golds with 3 Meet records in the 13-14 yrs Girls category. Other top notch swimmers sharing the glory were Yap Yong Jie with 9 Golds and Elise Wong Ving Yan winning 6 Golds and 3 Meet records.

Other up and coming champions among DSA swimmers who performed well included Annis Hiew Xin Ting with 5 Golds; Sophie Chan Yi Lin with 4 Golds; Mellissa Naily Darwin  (1 Meet Record) and Seungmin Woo with 3 Golds each while Nikita Yong Scanlan (1 Meet Record), Joelle Koo Yu Qing and Sebastian Zecha Simmons added 1 Gold each to the team tally. Notable credit was first-timer Lewis Mu Zi Long winning a Bronze at his very first Meet. A detailed view of the team tally for the Meet can be downloaded from the links given below.


The SAG Meet held at Shah Alam was almost an DSAS affair with the Club winning almost all the Overall Champions trophies with a placing in the top 3 in the many age groups in both the State and Novice categories.

In the State category, DSAS had 3 Overall Champions and 3 Meet Records which included Elizabeth Chan Yiwen (Girls 10 & Under Overall Champion) with 10 Golds, Lew Yan Chuan (Boys 11-12 Overall Champion with 1 Meet Record) with 5 Golds, Fatin Amira bt Ahmad Hadri (Girls Open Overall Champion) with 2 Golds.  Runners Up included Kaelyn Chee Wei Yi (8 Silvers), Marcus Woo Yong Hau (4 Golds), Yeap Zheng (4 Golds and 1 Meet Record), Adam Jeffrey Dillon (4 Golds), Lew Yan Zheng (3 Golds and 1 Meet Record) and Jerriel Lau (2 Golds).

In the Novice category, DSA Swimming Club prided itself with an astounding 8 Overall Champions and 8 Runners Up victories. The Overall Champions included Alvina Ching Ru En – 6 Golds (Girls 10 & Under), Evan Chua Min Hao – 8 Golds (Boys 10 & Under),  Tan Yenyi – 7 Golds (Girls 11-12), Yoong Chang Shen – 8 Golds (Boys 11-12), Charmaine Hung Yun Wen – 5 Golds (Girls 13-14), Jayden Wong Ken Ryu – 2 Golds (Boys 13-14), Trisha Chong Sue Yan – 7 Golds (Girls 15-17) and Muhammad Zulluqman Razali – 3 Golds (Boys 15-17)

The Runners Up in the many age groups included Hailey Chong Sue Huey – 2 Golds, (Girls 11-12 2nd Runner Up),  Yoong Chang Lin – 3 Golds (Boys 11-12 1st Runner Up),  Jason Loh Jia Sheng – 3 Golds (Boys 11-12 2nd Runner Up), Hayley Ng E Mun – 2 Golds (Girls 13-14 2nd Runner Up), Austin Gan Ee Kye – 2 Golds (Boys 13-14 2nd Runner Up),  Ng Gha Yuan – 2 Golds (Girls 15-17 2nd Runner Up),  Goh Zemin – 2 Golds (Boys 15-17 1st Runner Up) and  Afieq Azrin – 1 Gold (Boys 15-17 2nd Runner Up). A detailed view of the team tally for the Meet can be downloaded from the links given below.

The performances of the swimmers in both the clubs has been simply astounding and a great morale booster for the start of the swimming calendar for the year. 2020 looks to be a major record breaker year for the clubs and they gear for the oncoming swim Meets lined up, both national and also some international participation. We wish the young swimmers all the very best and our support to the parents and coaches for the hours of dedication. Onward Team DSA, onward 2020!


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