DSA’s Jack Leetham is 5km Oceanman

Oceanman Langkawi 2018

Jack Leetham, a young champion swimmer from DSA won the top spot in the 5km Individual Category at the Oceanman Langkawi 2018 event. The yearly Open water endurance swimming event was held at Tanjung Rhu beach, Langkawi with international participation with swimmers from European nations also assembling at the tourist destination.

As Jack says in his interview after the event, open water swimming calls for a lot of stamina and endurance as the ocean currents are often unpredictable and there needs to be a lot of safety precautions in place for the participants. The event was well organized and he felt safe going out into the open water, though on the return leg, the waters were a bit choppy according to him.

DSA congratulates Jack Leetham on this outstanding achievement and kudos to him for taking swimming to new levels and it all begins with a good learning of swimming skills, something which DSA instills in every young swimmer.

View video of the full program on TV1

Oceanman Langkawi 2018