Golds for Misa & Yong Jie in Singapore

DSA Swim Team makes mark with new records at overseas Swim Meet

DSA Swim Team

DSA Swim Team participated in the Chinese Swimming Club Super Junior Swimming 2017 Meet held at the Chinese Swimming Club Pool, Singapore on August 5th and 6th. With over 700 swimmers from countries like Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam, it was an international exposure of sorts for the DSA Swim Team members. The small team who made it to the Meet included Chong Jun Ron, Cheong Hoe Hann, Noah Zameer Lee, Mutale Mwamba, Aisha Lee, Misa Okuzono, Yap Yong Jie, Natasha Sophea and Yoong Chang Shen.

Yap Yong Jie and Misa Okuzono led the Team on a winning note on the very first event of with Golds. It was a tremendous performance as the swimmers shed a couple of seconds and it was another new record for Misa who was the girls’ (11-year-olds) Most Valuable Swimmer. She set new meet records in all of her wins (50m breast, back, fly, free, 100m fly, free, back and breast, 200m free and medley), except the 200m free. Brilliant performances also by Chong Jun Ron, Cheong Hoe Hann, Noah Zameer Lee, Mutale Mwamba, Aisha Lee, Natasha Sophea and Yoong Chang Shen in smashing their Personal Bests. It was remarkable that all the Team members improved on the Personal Bests despite being their first performance in a foreign pool. It was a sweet payoff for the incredible amount of training the swimmers had been putting in over the months and a big applause to the DSA coaches for their awesome guidance and hard work.

We look forward to more participation from the Team at such international events where the swimmers gain a great amount of experience rubbing shoulders and facing off with swimming clubs from other countries.

The Medals Tally and points contribution by the swimmers were as

No. Name Gold Silver Bronze Points
1 Cheong Hoe Hann 3
2 Noah Zameer ee 29
3 Mutale Mwamba 2
4 Yap Yong Jie 5 3
No. Name Gold Silver Bronze Points
1 Misa Okuzono 10 137

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