Happy New Year 2014

What does a “New Year” mean to you?

A new year which brings a lot more happiness and unforgettable memories?
A new target, goal and resolution to be set in future life?
Everything around you is new?
Taking the golden opportunity for a quality time with your family members?

Hmm.. Is that all what is a New Year to you?

A new year means a new start of life for a person. Anything happen in the past remain as the history.
What’s more important is looking ahead and questioning yourself on how badly you want the things that you had dreamed for.

In DSA, we believe in potential within swimmers. They have the glow in themselves that inspire the people around them.

We would like to share a story of 9 – 13 years old swimmers thought of their training.
The story origin from a swim school in Texas.
Amazingly after a month or 2, the swimmers turn out to be perfectly happy, endure more passion and love in not just being competitive but as a sport that build characters and attitude.

HOW PARENTS AFFECT SUCCESS-page-001Once again, DSA would like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Drive Safe and Swim Safe.