Hiking and rainforest experience for young swimmers

2nd DSA Swim Team Camp

Second DSA Swim Team Camp at Penang draws swimmers from 3 clubs

DSA Swim Club along with Penang Swimming Club and Wahoo Swim Team enjoyed the experience of a lifetime as together the group of over 110 young swimmers, managers and coaches had a great time together at the 2nd Swim Camp organized by DSA at the Setia Spice Aquatic Centre, Penang.

The 4 days/3 nights included a host of activities like getting an understanding about food and nutrition, how to categorize food based on intake needs like energy creation, pre-race preparation or post race liquid replenishment. Sessions of combined training for a few hours were carried out every day with an assortment of team building activities to generate and heighten team spirit among the swimmers who were split up into 4 teams for the duration of the camp.

The second day saw the entire group trudging along to hike up the Penang Hill, situation at an elevation of 2,733 m which took about 2 hours to summit.  The Habitat, situated on Penang Hill provides the most authentic, diverse and educational Malaysian rainforest experience. The Penang Hill virgin jungle reserve area, on the fringe of which The Habitat sits, is believed to be part of Malaysia’s treasure trove of prehistoric rainforests dating back 130-million years old. Besides its rich biodiversity, it plays an important role as primary water catchment area for Penang Island. It was a great opportunity for everyone to get closer to nature and understand the importance of ecological conservation and protection of rain forests.

After many hours of combined training, team building activities and a farewell dinner, the camp also gave each team an opportunity to showcase their talents through a team performance. It was an exciting finish for the 4 days of training, learning and experiencing the many aspects of competitive swimming. Thanks to the Penang Swimming Club, Wahoo Swim Team and everyone who participated and made this a great way to close off the events for year.

In DSA, we always believe that we teach more than just swimming. We hope all the learning and experiences the swimmers have gone through in this swim camp would help to mould their characters and help them in every aspect of their lives.

Thank you DSA swimmers, coaches and most of all, the parents who have been the support and strength of the Club.


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