Inspiration, discipline and family make a swimming champion


Zulluqman makes it to the pages of Berita Harian

Malaysian Newspaper Berita Harian in its issue dated January 15, 2019, covered the story of Muhammad Zulluqman Razali, who has been active in swimming from the age of 7 years.

Zulluqman has been a water enthusiast almost from when he could last remember. Starting at the tender age of just 6 years, Zulluqman was swimming and training at the Bukit Jalil National Aquatic Centre with DSA almost every day. By the age of 7, he was already representing DSA Swimming Club and his School at many Swimming Meets including the Selangor Age Group and the inter-school Meets like Majlis Sukan Sekolah Selangor (MSSS). Zulluqman says he is lucky in many aspects as his family fully supports his swimming aspirations and they whole heartedly are behind his efforts and his success.

As a school-going student, just as everyone else of his age, academics can sometimes be a deterrent as most children tend to give up competitive swimming as the rigors of schooling and sport training can be too much. For Zulluqman however, he says it is only a matter of balance and he has been managing to continue his competitive training while maintaining good grades in school. His achievements over the years include

  • Selangor Age Group Swimming 2013 (under 8 yr category)
    2 Gold s 2 Silver
  • Selangor Age Group Swimming 2015 (under 10 yrs category)
    2 Gold 3 Silver 2 Bronze
  • Malaysian Age Group Swimming 2015 (under 10 yrs)
    Represented Selangor State
  • Majlis Sukan Sekolah Selangor 2016 (MSSS) (under 12 yrs)
    1 Silver 1 Bronze
  • Majlis Sukan Sekolah Malaysia 2016 (MSSM) (under 12 yrs)
    1 Gold
  • Majlis Sukan Sekolah Selangor 2017 – Represented School
  • Majlis Sukan Sekolah Selangor 2018– Represented School

Zulluqman looks at swimming more as a way to be fit and healthy in addition to giving him a sense of discipline in his lifestyle as competitive swimming requires a very high degree of dedication. Zulluqman also has his mentors and idols, Michael Phelps being his greatest idol for his unsurpassable achievements at the Olympics. Daniel Bego, a Malaysian national swimmer is another of his idols, as he also knows him on a personal level as they had trained together in Bukit Jalil before.

Zulluqman feels that swimming as a sport needs more popularity in Malaysia and especially among Malays where the concept of water safety and swimming has not been reaching. He hopes that since has reached the level of success not common among Malays, it will be an inspiration for others in his community to take up to the water. He feels that if they try and persevere like him, then success is not far and there is no obstacle for someone who desires to achieve success not just in sport but in academics as well, whether it is going to good universities in the country or even studying overseas.