Meet Preparation… DSA Swim Team gears up on all fronts


DSA Swim Team

For all competitive swimmers, swim meets presents an opportunity to test their training and put to practise and refine the skills and techniques that they have been learning from their coaches. The main goal of participation in meets, as there may be many meets during the season, is to improve their timings. In Malaysia, there are around 5-6 meets which have participation from swim clubs around the country. One of the biggest and most watched and participated meet is the 33rd National Inter-Club Swimming Championships – President Cup.

With the all-important meet around the corner, we had a conversation with a few swimmers who have shown great commitment in training and also performed consistency throughout the year. They shared their preparation for meets in general, their rituals to stay focussed and their expectations from this meet. By sharing their experience, we look to boost our upcoming swimmers to a higher level confidence, and develop into intelligent, independent swimmers.

Here are 3 swimmers who gave us their view about the oncoming test of their abilities and their dreams and ambitions.

PresidentCup-01Alyssa Yong is one of our swimmers in Group 2 who has been representing the state of Kuala Lumpur in National Age Group Meet this year. Her preparation for this meet involves eating more food like potatoes, rice and pasta to store carbohydrates in her body so that she could perform well. As for training, she would swim more sessions but with lesser mileage and intensity. For the reason that she would have a better “feel” for the water, which is something all competitive swimmers seek to possess. In addition, she works out at the gym to stay active and alert. Alyssa’s expectation from this meet is improve on her personal best, also being among the top 8 in her age group. On race day, she would try to stay calm and listen to music.

PresidentCup-02Evon Chan
is one of our swimmers in Group 1. As she is facing educational pressures, she has to balance her studies and swimming. Time management is a priority for her these few months and she tries to maintain the commitment to training in order to stay in the race. Her diet for meet preparation includes sweet potatoes as well, to stock up. Fitness-wise she does more stretching to keep her muscles flexible and relaxed all the time. Her expectation from this meet is to improve her personal best. To perform her best, she focuses on the winning feeling, which prompts her to push herself that extra bit.

PresidentCup-03Branson Wee is one of the most hard-working and dedicated swimmers from Group 1. Hitting the gym regularly is his route to stay in shape to prepare for the coming meet. He gives his maximum at each of the training sessions that he attends as the meet is around the corner. He stays away from unhealthy food like cotton candy, chips, fried chicken, McDonalds, and other fast foods as it contains high sodium and saturated fat. He prefers to eat foods with more carbohydrates like rice, pasta, banana and potatoes to be able to store energy to sustain longer performance levels for his race. Branson expects to improve his timing in this meet, as he aims to qualify as a state swimmer representing Kuala Lumpur by end of the year. Listening to heavy metal music while reading novels is his normal habit to stay focused on race days­­­­.As the team finish up the last few days of training, we are sure the adrenaline in most of them has started pumping already, the build-up is inevitable. As they get ready to stand up on the starting block, every swimmer will get his or her shot at the best performance they can give this year, here’s wishing them the best they can achieve.
All the best TEAM DSA.