Milo Excel 1st leg (3rd – 4th May 2014)

On the 3rd and 4th may 2014, DSA had sent 32 swimmers for the Milo Excel 1st leg that took place in Pusat Akuatik Hang Jebat, Melaka.

DSA swim team had climbed up from 11th place (Milo Excel 1st leg 2013) to 7th place with extra of 51 points from previous year.

DSA swimmers had also done their Personal Best(PB) in this swim meet. Not just 1 second off from the previous PB but averagely of 2 seconds.

Thanks to all DSA coaches that had put in their heart in helping the swimmers to achieve their goal for this swim meet. Not to forget, Coach Dick Orbell for his present in this swim meet.

Believe in yourself and you will make the best out of it!
Keep it going DSA Swim Team!

For full result, click on the link.
Milo Excel 1st leg 2014 Full Result
Milo Excel 1st leg 2014 – Team Scores