The glaring sun, familiar beeps of the starts, the constant flurry of swimmers rushing between the Marshals room and the starting blocks, eager parents and supporters cheering, free-flow of cold Milo… welcome to MILO / NSC / PRAKL AGE GROUP SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIP 2015.

The 3 day event was an epic threshold for DSA Swim Team this year with outstanding performances from a lot of swimmers on the team. DSA also had the opportunity to make history, to enter the record books of the Meet for the first time, with not just one but an amazing 6 Meet Records. The DSA Swim team this year had a strong contingent of over 60 swimmers. The SJK(C) Jalan Davidson School, whose swimmers also trained under DSA coaches had a team of around 30 swimmers also joining in. That ensured a strong and large support team of parents taking up a large space at the stands. As always, team and crew were on site at the crack of dawn, setting up the space with mats, tiny fans running on batteries, huge umbrellas and even ice-boxes with a constant supply of energy drinks. One of our parent also came up with an innovative idea to bear the searing heat, a hat made from packing materials as he cheered the team on. The third day also saw the birthday celebrations of DSA swimmer Alyssa Yong, one of our swimmers in the record breaking relay team. They had to wait till the day’s event was over before they could feast on the cakes.

As the events unfolded, everyone was swinging into action, with the coaches not getting bogged down with the logistics of making sure food and water was aplenty, while at the same time giving out last minute tips and technical guidance depending on the competition expected in their events. And the months of dedication and leadership did bear huge benefits. A well-deserved round of applause goes to the team and coaches for their superlative performance. A big thank you also to the incessant and heartfelt support of the parents to everyone on the team. Their display of team spirit and constant encouragement remains the driving force behind the progress of the DSA Swim team. We could not have done it without you all.

The record breaking feats included 5 by young Misa Okuzono in 100m free, 50m back, 50m breast, 50m fly and 50m free respectively. One more record was made by the Group 3 Girls  4×100 free relay team. The tiny frame of Misa streaked through the water to the utter joy of the entire stadium who cheered wildly to this little wonder. Another young upcoming star is Wesley Kam, who was exemplary in his performance. Apart from the sterling medal winning performances, a large number of the swimmers also set their Personal Bests (PB), also a result of the devoutness of the coaches to enhance every swimmer to their best performance each and every time.

The team garnered a total of 27 Golds which included 7 Golds by Yumi Okuzono; 5 Golds each by Misa Okuzono and Wesley Kam; 4 Golds by Lee Jia Jing, 3 Golds by Sean Goh and 3 more Golds in the relay events.

Silver medallists included Kok Tech Chen (5), Wesly Kam (5), Lee Jia Jing (5), Chong Hiong Kiet (4), Yumi  Okuzono (4) and Wong Yu Xuan (1). The detailed medal tally is below:

No Name Individual Event Relay Event
Gold Silver Bronze Gold Silver Bronze
1 Misa Okuzono 5
2 Chan Evon 1 2
3 Jack Leetham 1 2
4 Tan Kai En 2
5 Brian Chung Ze Xuan 2
6 Wong Yu Hao 2
7 Koh Teck Chen 5 3 2
8 Lee Jia Jing 4 5 1 2
9 Sean Goh 3 2 2
10 Wesley Kam 5 5
11 Tan Shen Han 2
12 Chong Hiong Kiet 4 1
13 Chong Yee Zhi 2
14 Yumi Okuzono 7 4 2 1 1
15 Chong Kar Hian 1 1 1
16 Georgene Wee 4 1 1
17 Alyssa Yong 1 1
18 Wong Hao Wen 2
19 Tan Rupert 1
20 Wong Jien Wen 1
21 Wong Wen Xuan 1
22 Yoong Yew Yang 1
23 Wong Yu Xuan 1
24 Bay Yue Er 1
25 Sean Woo 1
Total 24 25 19 3 4 0

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