PRESIDENT CUP 2013 (21st – 24th November)


It has been a long weekend for the swimmers and the parents.
It was full of sweet, sour and bitter experience for the swimmers.

DSA had improved tremendously from previous PRESIDENT CUP 2012.

Not to forget, coach do join to swim as well.
Good spirit from the coach. 🙂

President Cup 2013 Club Result

President Cup 2013 Club Result

Congratulation to all DSA swimmers that had achieved their Personal Best (PB).

To those who didn’t achieve, DO NOT GIVE UP. You have a lot more to prove.
Coaches will always be there to help.

Keep up the good work swimmers. Next competition is 6 weeks away. 🙂

  1. Steve Khiew – 4 Golds 1 Bronze
  2. Christy Teh – 5 Golds 1 Silver
  3. Sean Goh – 1 Bronze
  4. Koh Teck Chen – 36 points to DSA
  5. Alyssa Yong – 3 points to DSA
  6. Chong Kar Hian – 1 point to DSA

Quote for the competition

  1. Bravo ….to All who challenged the odds! Kids somehow will perform when u expect the least from them…;-))

  2. Good experiences…Kids learned to overcome odds. We decided to face and challenge the RM 100 bet. And kids gave us surprises

  3. President cup 2013 is officially OVER for meeee!!! Beat all PB except for one… 2 events improved 10 over seconds.. This year president cup was fun and its the best!

  4. I miss president cup so much ! miss everyone everything every event even 100 fly !!!! Well gone is gone !!! President cup down pra kl is up!!! So work hard !!!

For full result, kindly click on the link.
President Cup 2013 – Full Result