School nurtures students’ talents

BRIGHT KIDS, Star Special, Tuesday 7 April 2015

Staying focused
For students pursuing their passion outside of their academic studies, it can be challenging to achieve their peak form while fulfilling their responsibilities as a student.
One such student is Sean Goh, eight grader and 2014 sport scholar. The 14-year-old has swimming practice six times a week for an average of two hours each session.
Despite his vigourous training he still finds time to complete his coursework.
Although Goh has to miss classes during competition season, his teachers remain understanding of his training and clearly communicate their expectations for his coursework. Goh completes his coursework through the school’s online course management software.
The support from the school has allowed him to focus on swimming without having to forsake his education.
As such, he recently won three gold medals and a bronze medal in various categories at the Malaysia School Sports Council 2015 competition.
“I am thankful for my teachers at SIS who understood my needs and made necessary adjustments to my coursework deadlines. They taught me how to balance my swimming activities and schoolwork, making it possible to excel at both.’