SPORTEXCEL/MILO/NSC/ASUM Junior Swimming Circuit–2nd Leg 2015

The SPORTEXCEL/MILO/NSC/ASUM Junior Swimming Circuit 2nd Leg 2015, was held at Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan, Selangor. Being a covered pool, the 2 day event was a pleasant experience with both days events going smoothly. DSA Swim Club made a creditable performance though some of the swimmers who had already gained enough points to qualify for the final, rested for this meet. With a total strength of 54, DSA Swim Club garnered a total of 692.50 points and moving up to 6th position overall.

The medal winners included Lew Chen Jet who beat strong contenders to take the Gold in the 50m Freestyle. He also won Bronze for 50m and 100m Back stroke and also for 100m freestyle. It was a great performance by Lew Chen Jet which boosted the spirits of everyone on the team. Other medal winners included Koh Teck Chen who did well in his favourite events, winning Bronze for both 50m and 100m Butterfly. The swimmers will be training up for the latter part of the swimming calendar year, which will see the Grand Final of the circuit and also the big, all important President Cup in November.

A big thank you to the parents for their constant support of the swimmers and the guidance of DSA coaches as they continue to prep up the swimmers for the next and oncoming meets with their steadfast mentoring and support.

Event Swimmer Name Medal
Group 4 Boys 50m Freestyle Lew Chen Jet Gold
Group 4 Boys 50m Backstroke Lew Chen Jet Bronze
Group 4 Boys 100m Backstroke Lew Chen Jet Bronze
Group 4 Boys 100m Freestyle Lew Chen Jet Bronze
Group 3 Boys 50m Butterfly Koh Teck Chen Bronze
Group 3 Boys 100m Butterfly Koh Teck Chen Bronze