DSA Swimmers make it to ASEAN School Games



Congratulations to the trio of champions from DSA Swimming Club who will be in Indonesia from the 19th to 22nd July representing Malaysian Schools as part of the 11th ASEAN School Games 2019 held in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia between 17-25 July.

The outstanding trio include Koh Teck Chen, Georgene Wee Ee Jern and Alma Louise Bendix Dahl, all of whom have been in the DSA Swimming Club for many years and have made both the Club and Malaysia proud with their laurels over the years. DSA is elated to have been the platform for champions like them to blossom and we wish them all the very best at the Games. We are sure they will make the Nation, their respective Schools and DSA Swimming Club beam with pride with the achievements. Onward Malaysia, onward Team DSA.

DSA swimmers build strength and conditioning with Jason Gregory

Jason Gregory DSA

DSA wishes to thank extensively world renowned and former Singapore Strength & Conditioning Coach, Jason Gregory, who was in DSA training the DSA Club swimmers at the National Aquatic Centre Bukit Jalil on 30 June 2019.  Jason along with Rob Greenwood, through a special arrangement with Swim Schooling provided in-depth guidance in land training techniques for the DSA Squad swimmers. The sessions were well attended by the DSA swimmers and they had a lot of knowledge gained about the importance of land training for swimming at competitive levels.

DSA thanks Swim Schooling for giving the opportunity for DSA swimmers to enrich themselves with the experience.


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DSA swimmers have podium finishes in Phonm Penh


Hearty Congratulations to the DSA swimmers for representing Malaysia at the 43rd SEA Age Group Swimming Championships held on 28- 30 June 2019 in Phonm Penh, Cambodia. It was a great privilege for the Club and an achievement for the swimmers to compete at an international level and also be an inspiration for the other swimmers.

A big round of applause to DSA champs Yap Yong Jie and Darren Lew Chen Jet for their performances and putting Malaysia on the podium. Yap Yong Jie in the Boys 13 years and under category won Bronze in his events which included 100m Backstroke,  50m Backstroke, 200m Freestyle and 200m Butterfly. Darren Lew  won the Bronze in the 50m Freestyle in his group of Boys 14-15 years.

It was indeed a great experience for the group of DSA swimmers to make it to the international stage and we wish them more success in the future.

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Medals Tally

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DSA Swim Team tops Ipoh Meet with 11 Golds

SportExcel/Milo/NSC/ASUM Junior Swimming Circuit – Leg 2

The NSC/Milo/Sport Excel Junior Swimming Circuit for 2019 was held at Pusat Akuatik Tuanku Zara, Ipoh, and provided an opportunity for DSA Swimming Club to have a nice trip to Ipoh. As always the second leg is the opportunity to add up the points to qualify for the Grand Final. For DSA Swimming Club, it was an extraordinary occasion as they moved to the Top Spot in the overall medal count for the Meet with 11 Golds and a total of 33 medals beating the runner-up team by a narrow margin. The Meet had some exciting moments with DSA swimmers pumping up the adrenaline for the team and the viewers by their splendid performances.

The swimmers who were blazing included Liew Xiao Rou who finished with 5 Golds and 1 Silver in the total of 7 events she participated making a significant contribution to the tally. Other Gold winning performances included Elise Wong with 2 Golds, 2 Silvers; Ng Yean Yu with 1 Gold, 1 Silver; and Chong Hiong Kiet with 1 Gold, 1 Bronze.

Outstanding performance also was shown by young and mostly newbie swimmers who added a good share of medals to the tally to help DSA Swim Club take top honours. These included Sebastien Rion Azlir – 1 Gold and 1 Silver, Mellissa Darwin – 1 Gold and 3 Bronzes, Eunice Wong – 2 Silvers, Samantha Yong Scanlan – 1 Silver, Lee Zi Xuan – 2 Bronzes,  Elizabeth Chan – 1 Bronze,  Joelle Koo – 1 Bronze and Lee Tze-Le – 1 Bronze.  A detailed view is given in the Medals Tally below.

The most exciting and much watched and cheered event was the Group 3 Boys 100m Breast Stroke where 3 swimmers from DSA Swimming Club had the distinguished honour of winning all 3 medals for the event. Way to go DSA! The swimmers all had a good amount of points added to their individual tally enabling them to participate in the much awaited Grand Final of the circuit scheduled to be held on 3-4 August 2019. All the best Team DSA and we look forward to taking the top spot at the Meet.

medal tally

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DSA Swimmers set to swim in Cambodian waters

43rd SEA Age Groups Swimming Championships


Congratulations to the DSA swimmers who will be representing Malaysia in the 43rd SEA Age Groups Swimming Championships to be held on 28- 30 June 2019 in Phonm Penh, Cambodia. The SEA Age Group Championship is an annual Swimming Meet for 18 yrs & under swimmers from all nations of South East Asia Region. The 2018 Meet was held in Laguna by the Phillipine Swimming Inc.

DSA has been proud to have swimmers represent the country at this Meet every year and this year the champions selected for the meet are Georgene Wee Ee Jern, Elise Wong Ving Yan, Koh Teck Chen, Darren Lew Chen Jet and Yap Yong Jie. All the swimmers have been with DSA for many years and it’s a privilege for DSA Swimming Club to have been able to hone these swimmers to international competition levels. We look forward to great results from the Meet and all the very best to the swimmers. Go Team Malaysia, go Team DSA!

DSA Swimmers win 15 medals at Malaysia Open



The recently concluded 62nd Malaysia Open Swimming Meet 2019 at National Aquatic Centre, KL Sport City on the 25-28 April had 19 swimmers from DSA and DSAS selected to represent their teams of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor respectively. It was indeed a major achievement for these young swimmers to compete at a National level at an Open Swimming Meet.

The team from DSA included Georgene Wee Ee Jern, Alma Louise Dahl, Low Yi Xhin, Lim Qi Feng, Lau Jin Kiat, Rowvan Ganeson, Liam Eu Li-AN, Koh Teck Chen, Yap Yong Jie, Erin Eu Lakshmanan, Liew Xiao Rou, Brian Chung Ze Xuan, Sean Goh Min Chang, Daniel Liew Jia Hau, Adam Jeffrey Dillon, Fatin Amira Bt Ahmad Hadri, Alison Athena Wright, Olivia Cheong Kah Yan and Natalie Cheong Kah Man. Alma Louise Dahl representing KL Team won 3 Golds, 5 Silvers and 1 Bronze in her events while Georgene Wee Ee Jern added 3 Silvers and a Bronze to the KL Team tally too. Koh Teck Chen added a Gold through his Relay event while Daniel Liew also added his Relay Silver to the team tally. A detailed look of the medal tally is given below.



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DSA Swim Club moves up to second spot at Sport Excel first leg

SportExcel/Milo/NSC/ASUM Junior Swimming Circuit 2019.

The 13th and 14th of April were big days for DSA Swimming Club as the team of 208 swimmers filled in the venue at Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan, Shah Alam for the first leg of the prestigious SportExcel/Milo/NSC/ASUM Junior Swimming Circuit 2019. The largest team at the Meet went home with most of the honours as they collected a total of 30 medals, the highest total of the teams but fell short of the Gold medal count to be at the second spot. It was a huge move up from the 7th spot the previous year and was a big result for the young swimmers as they needed to get maximum points in both legs of the Swimming Circuit to make it to the Grand Final.

The swimmers were all at their best with DSA’s young champion Yap Yong Jie making a clean sweep at almost all his 8 events, winning a total of 7 Golds and 1 Silver. He also recorded the second highest individual points in the Boys Category. Brilliant performances by Liew Xiao Rou and Darren Lew Chen Jet gave them also Gold medals to take home while Chong Xin Lin, Ng Yean Yu and Lew Zhi Tong were among the others who added their contributions to the team tally. It was a great start for the large group of young DSA swimmers who had their taste of competitive swimming and now they have to train hard for the second leg to gather the required points. A detailed view of the medals tally is as follows:

Medals Tally

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Individual Points
Team Medal Tally

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Rob Greenwood and Joseph Schooling, a sky-high morale booster for DSA Swim Team

DSA Swim Clinic 2019


A two day Swim Clinic exclusively for DSA Swim Team members was held on 6th-7th April at the National Aquatic Centre, Bukit Jalil, KL Sports City. The Clinic was conducted by International Coach, Rob Greenwood and Olympic Gold Medalist, Joseph Schooling. The sessions on the first day included techniques for Backstroke, turns and getting the finer points of the Butterfly stroke with the 2016 Olympic Champion, Joseph Schooling. The second day’s sessions included bettering the swimming styles of Freestyle, Breaststroke starts and dives.

For the many young swimmers of the DSA Swim Team who had an amazing time attending the Swim Clinic, it was no doubt a great opportunity to witness first hand a world-class swimmer going through the drills and demonstration of the Butterfly stroke. The Q & A sessions which followed gave the swimmers a deeper understanding into the process of development of a world class swimmer and the many aspects that go into it. Joseph Schooling discussed factors like time management, nutrition intake, race mentality and other elements a swimmer has to be aware and focused on when it comes to competing at international levels. The DSA coaches who also attended the Swim Clinic had a great experience learning and understanding better coaching methods and skills and further enhanced their capabilities in these areas through their interactions with Rob Greenwood.

DSA wishes to thank both Rob Greenwood and Joseph Schooling for the tremendous effect they had on the DSA Swim Team members through the Swim Clinic. DSA also thanks all the swimmers and parents who were a part of these amazing and rewarding two day morale booster and look forward to the oncoming Meets during the year.


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Medley Relay Record for DSAS at Selangor Novice Meet

4th Selangor Novice Swimming Meet 2019

The 4th Selangor Novice Swim Meet 2019 was held on 30-31 March at Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan, Shah Alam.   Being a Selangor State Meet, only DSAS swimming club swimmers participated in the Meet and it was a great experience for the many first-timers at competitive swimming.  Charmaine Hung Yun Wen and Neel Kantha Arjoo Segar led from the front with 3 Golds each for the Club while other swimmers like Kaylee Koh Lee Shen, Yoong Chang Lin,Jason Liew Zhi Khang, Hailey Chong Sue Huey and Tan Qian Yu added to the mdeal count. Besides this, the Girls 11-12yrs Medley Relay Team also broke the Meet record with a fabulous timing of 1:07.95. A detailed view of the medal tally was as follows:

medals tally

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Download Day 2 Results


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DSA Club swimmers dazzle at Ipoh School Swim Meet

The recently concluded inter-school Meet of the Malaysia School Sports Council (MSSM) held on 24-28 March 2019 at Pusat Akuatik Tuanku Zara, Ipoh Perak gave the opportunity for some dazzling performances by DSA and DSAS Club swimmers.

Georgene Wee  Ee Jern, Darren Lew  Chen Jet, Chong Xin Lin and Marcus Woo Yong Hau were some of the top swimmers in their age groups as they competed brilliantly taking home more than 2 Golds each in addition to establishing new Meet records. Besides their individual performances, the DSA club swimmers also contributed significantly in the Relay events and made their home teams proud.

A detailed view of the medal winning performances are given below


DSA swimmers gather wins at MIAG

Misa Okuzono, Yap Yong Jie were the record breakers for DSA Swimming Club in the recently concluded Malaysia Invitational Age Group Championships held at National Aquatic Centre, KL Sports City, Bukit Jalil on 07-10 March 2019.

The Meet saw a very high level of Competitive Swimming participation as 26 State teams from all over Malaysia. Teams from countries like HongKong, Indonesia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka and UAE were also vying for the medals and the glory. WP Kuala Lumpur crested in at the top spot with a tally of 44 Golds and over 107 medals in total. Selangor State was second with 29 Golds and Hong Kong clinched third spot with 24 medals. A good portion of the medals won by Team KL were through some of the champion swimmers of the DSA Swimming Club.

Selangor State

Misa Okuzono was undoubtedly at her best again as she cleared out 10 Golds with 5 Meet Records. Yap Yong Jie followed with 5 more Golds and 4 Meet Records in his events while Alma Louise Dahl took home 7 Golds.  Georgene Wee also won a Gold for her 800m Freestyle. Darren Lew Chen Jet and Chong Hiong Kiat won a Gold each in their events to bring WP Luala Lumpur team to the top. Other medal winners included Laim Eu Li-An, Jaydrien Ng Shen Kang and Eunice Wong Ee Yin. It was also highly commendable that both Jaydrein and Eunice Wong won medals on their first ever MIAG Meet. Fatin Amira Bt Ahmad Hadri and Lew Zhi Tong from the DSAS Swimming club made their contributions to bring Selangor State to the runners-up position.

A detailed view of the medals tally is given below:

Medal Tally

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DSA Swimmers win top honours in KL Schools Meet


Georgene Wee, long time DSA swimming champ emerged as the Top Swimmer in her age group category (16-18 years), winning the most medals with 11 Golds, 2 Silver & Bronzes and 3 Meet records in the MSSWP Swimming Championship 2019 at Cheras pool on 19-20 February, 2019.

Other DSA swimmers who have emerged as Overall Champion of their age group are Lean Yiyi (7 Golds) and Jaydrien Ng (5 Golds) while Liam Eu achieved 1st Runner-up in his age group with 3 Golds and 1 Meet record.

For a detailed report visit the KL Aquatics blogsite at


Pics courtesy: https://klaquatics.blogspot.com

DSA’s Jack Leetham is 5km Oceanman

Oceanman Langkawi 2018

Jack Leetham, a young champion swimmer from DSA won the top spot in the 5km Individual Category at the Oceanman Langkawi 2018 event. The yearly Open water endurance swimming event was held at Tanjung Rhu beach, Langkawi with international participation with swimmers from European nations also assembling at the tourist destination.

As Jack says in his interview after the event, open water swimming calls for a lot of stamina and endurance as the ocean currents are often unpredictable and there needs to be a lot of safety precautions in place for the participants. The event was well organized and he felt safe going out into the open water, though on the return leg, the waters were a bit choppy according to him.

DSA congratulates Jack Leetham on this outstanding achievement and kudos to him for taking swimming to new levels and it all begins with a good learning of swimming skills, something which DSA instills in every young swimmer.

View video of the full program on TV1

Oceanman Langkawi 2018

Aussie Olympians thrill young DSA swimmers

Peter Bishop Swim Clinic

DSA Swim Clinic with Peter Bishop draws scores of young swimmers

The Chinese New Year at DSA started with some international visitors much to the delight of the young swimmers who has gathered for the one day Swim Clinic organized by DSA at Bukit Jalil on 9 Feb 2019. The Clinic was conducted by Peter Bishop, 2018 Australian Coach of the Year, together with Kyle Chalmers, 2016 Rio Olympics Gold Medalist (100m Freestyle).

Along with them, other international swimming stars from the South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) also joined in at the Lion Dance Celebration to mark the start of the Chinese New Year.  The swimmers included Brittany Elmslie–Olympics Gold Medalist, 2012 & 2016, Madison Wilson–Commonwealth Games and World Championship medalist, Travis Mahoney and James McKechnie who both competed in Commonwealth Games and World Championships.

About 130 young swimmers from DSA Swimming Team participated in the Clinic which covered topics like the role of proper stroke and technique and the importance of having the right equipment for training. The elite swimmers shared their valuable experience and tips to an enthralled audience as they spoke about their journey to the Olympics, how they prepare themselves for the swim meets, how they manage their emotion and nervousness pre race, what kind of food they eat, what they do for recovery. The swimmers and coaches then moved to the pool for demonstrations and hands-on tips and drills for the DSA swimmers. After a much enjoyed and enlightening session, it was time for photo sessions and selfies as the swimmers gathered around.

DSA extends their immense gratitude to the elite team of coaches and swimmers from Australia who took time out of their schedules to be with the young DSA swimmers for whom they are a source of inspiration and motivation. A big thank you also to all the DSA swimmers, parents and team of DSA coaches who participated and made the event a great success.


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