DSA Swimmers win top honours in KL Schools Meet


Georgene Wee, long time DSA swimming champ emerged as the Top Swimmer in her age group category (16-18 years), winning the most medals with 11 Golds, 2 Silver & Bronzes and 3 Meet records in the MSSWP Swimming Championship 2019 at Cheras pool on 19-20 February, 2019.

Other DSA swimmers who have emerged as Overall Champion of their age group are Lean Yiyi (7 Golds) and Jaydrien Ng (5 Golds) while Liam Eu achieved 1st Runner-up in his age group with 3 Golds and 1 Meet record.

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DSA’s Jack Leetham is 5km Oceanman

Oceanman Langkawi 2018

Jack Leetham, a young champion swimmer from DSA won the top spot in the 5km Individual Category at the Oceanman Langkawi 2018 event. The yearly Open water endurance swimming event was held at Tanjung Rhu beach, Langkawi with international participation with swimmers from European nations also assembling at the tourist destination.

As Jack says in his interview after the event, open water swimming calls for a lot of stamina and endurance as the ocean currents are often unpredictable and there needs to be a lot of safety precautions in place for the participants. The event was well organized and he felt safe going out into the open water, though on the return leg, the waters were a bit choppy according to him.

DSA congratulates Jack Leetham on this outstanding achievement and kudos to him for taking swimming to new levels and it all begins with a good learning of swimming skills, something which DSA instills in every young swimmer.

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Oceanman Langkawi 2018

Aussie Olympians thrill young DSA swimmers

Peter Bishop Swim Clinic

DSA Swim Clinic with Peter Bishop draws scores of young swimmers

The Chinese New Year at DSA started with some international visitors much to the delight of the young swimmers who has gathered for the one day Swim Clinic organized by DSA at Bukit Jalil on 9 Feb 2019. The Clinic was conducted by Peter Bishop, 2018 Australian Coach of the Year, together with Kyle Chalmers, 2016 Rio Olympics Gold Medalist (100m Freestyle).

Along with them, other international swimming stars from the South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) also joined in at the Lion Dance Celebration to mark the start of the Chinese New Year.  The swimmers included Brittany Elmslie–Olympics Gold Medalist, 2012 & 2016, Madison Wilson–Commonwealth Games and World Championship medalist, Travis Mahoney and James McKechnie who both competed in Commonwealth Games and World Championships.

About 130 young swimmers from DSA Swimming Team participated in the Clinic which covered topics like the role of proper stroke and technique and the importance of having the right equipment for training. The elite swimmers shared their valuable experience and tips to an enthralled audience as they spoke about their journey to the Olympics, how they prepare themselves for the swim meets, how they manage their emotion and nervousness pre race, what kind of food they eat, what they do for recovery. The swimmers and coaches then moved to the pool for demonstrations and hands-on tips and drills for the DSA swimmers. After a much enjoyed and enlightening session, it was time for photo sessions and selfies as the swimmers gathered around.

DSA extends their immense gratitude to the elite team of coaches and swimmers from Australia who took time out of their schedules to be with the young DSA swimmers for whom they are a source of inspiration and motivation. A big thank you also to all the DSA swimmers, parents and team of DSA coaches who participated and made the event a great success.


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DSAS Swimming Club retain position at Selangor Age Group

Selangor Age Group Swimming Championship 2019

Young swimmers score big with nearly 200 Medals, finish as runners-up

DSAS Swimming Club had a great day out at the 29th Selangor Age Group Swimming Championship 2019 held at Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan, Shah Alam on 24-27 January, being the first Swimming Meet for the Club this year. With 67 Golds, DSAS Swimming Club did really well, improving their overall performance from last year with a huge tally of 197 Medals in all. Some of the outstanding performances at the Meet included Ng Gha Yuan with an incredible 10 Golds, a stellar performance among the Novice swimmers group, while Fatin Amira Ahmad Hadri won 4 Golds in the State swimmers group.

Other big winners in the Novices category included Lee Zi Xuan with 8 Golds, Muhammad Zulluqman Razali  and Ethan Chan Zhuo Xi with 5 Golds, Tan Ianna and Trisha Chong Sue Yan – 4 Golds, Lee Ming Zhou – 3 Golds, Elizabeth Chan Yiwen, Liew Ze Hou, Lee Zi Ying and Angus Lim  – 2 Golds each and Ivan Yeoh Sheng Kuan, Chan Al Win, Nigel Leong Zhuoxian, Marcus Woo Yong Hau with 1 Gold each. Other Gold winners in the State swimmers were Daniel Liew Jia Hau with 3 Golds; Adam Jeffrey Dillon and Arniesh Chai Sasheedran with 1 Gold. A good amount of medals also came through the Relay events with 5 of the 22 Medals being Golds. A detailed look at the Medals Tally is given below.

It was a brilliant start for the young club, with all of the swimmers doing their best with good improvements in their PBs. A big round of well-deserved applause goes to the budding champions as we look forward to the remaining Meet coming up quickly all through the year.  Congratulations and a big thank you to all the parents, and DSA coaches for their dedication, support and guidance. Onward Team DSAS, all through 2019.


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DSA Swimming Club officially the Champions in KL State 2019

PRAKL 2019 Champions

DSA Swim Club wins PRAKL Age Group Swimming Championship with a stunning 33 new records and 184 medal haul

DSA Swimmers made their way into the chronicles of Malaysian Swimming at the end of the 3 day MILO/PRAKL Age Group 2019 clinching the Overall Championship of the prestigious Meet held at Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras KL, on 19-21 January, 2019. With the second largest team of 227 swimmers, DSA topped the Medal count in the Meet with a total of 184 medals, 78 of them Gold. This was a significant increase from the previous year tally of 136 medals of which 52 were Gold and also the best ever results by the Club so far.

PRAKL 2019

With this first ever win, DSA swimmers made their mark as they beat the reigning champions by a comfortable margin of over 15 Golds. New Meet records came pouring in with Yap Yong Jie, Misa Okuzono, Darren Lew Chen Jet, Alma Louise Bendix Dahl, Cynthia Khor Wen Qi, Georgene Wee Ee Jern, Tan Yi Qin and Chong Hiong Kiet adding their names into record books multiple times. New records were also made in the Relays and Group Medleys making the Meet one of the most successful participations by DSA Swim Club so far. Besides overwhelming counts of records and medals, 20 DSA swimmers also qualified for the Malaysia Invitational Age Group Championships (MIAG) 2019, which was the cherry on the cake for the Club. The overall performance of the young swimmers were remarkable and many of them like Grace Kim, Chong Xin Lin and Woo Seungmin, who although were at a disadvantage, being drawn with older competitors in the same age group, still managed to contribute medals to the total tally.

Golds were brought home by Yap Yong Jie who won a record breaking 13 Golds, followed by Alma Louise Bendix Dahl with 12 Golds, Misa Okuzono with 11 Golds. Georgene Wee Ee Jern  added 9 Golds and Darren Lew Chen Jet won 8 Golds. Chong Xin Lin took home 4 Golds while Shermann Choong Li Sheng and Liam Eu Li-An won another 3 Golds each. Chong Hiong Kiet also added another 2 Golds to the tally while Eunice Wong Ee Yin, Tan Yi Qin, Koh Teck Chen, Grace Kim, Cynthia Khor Wen Qi and Aishath Sajina added 1 Gold each to the team collection of Golds. The Relay teams also did a magnificent job winning 7 Golds in the Group and Medley events. A detailed look at the Medals tally is given in the table below.

Medals Tally

With this, DSA Swim Club has well and truly opened the year’s calendar with a bang, and it is with great happiness and privilege that we thank everyone starting from the young swimmers themselves, the DSA coaches, parents and everyone else who did their bit for this awesome win. We look forward to the Meets coming up all through the year with high expectations of more success, Go Team DSA!

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Inspiration, discipline and family make a swimming champion


Zulluqman makes it to the pages of Berita Harian

Malaysian Newspaper Berita Harian in its issue dated January 15, 2019, covered the story of Muhammad Zulluqman Razali, who has been active in swimming from the age of 7 years.

Zulluqman has been a water enthusiast almost from when he could last remember. Starting at the tender age of just 6 years, Zulluqman was swimming and training at the Bukit Jalil National Aquatic Centre with DSA almost every day. By the age of 7, he was already representing DSA Swimming Club and his School at many Swimming Meets including the Selangor Age Group and the inter-school Meets like Majlis Sukan Sekolah Selangor (MSSS). Zulluqman says he is lucky in many aspects as his family fully supports his swimming aspirations and they whole heartedly are behind his efforts and his success.

As a school-going student, just as everyone else of his age, academics can sometimes be a deterrent as most children tend to give up competitive swimming as the rigors of schooling and sport training can be too much. For Zulluqman however, he says it is only a matter of balance and he has been managing to continue his competitive training while maintaining good grades in school. His achievements over the years include

  • Selangor Age Group Swimming 2013 (under 8 yr category)
    2 Gold s 2 Silver
  • Selangor Age Group Swimming 2015 (under 10 yrs category)
    2 Gold 3 Silver 2 Bronze
  • Malaysian Age Group Swimming 2015 (under 10 yrs)
    Represented Selangor State
  • Majlis Sukan Sekolah Selangor 2016 (MSSS) (under 12 yrs)
    1 Silver 1 Bronze
  • Majlis Sukan Sekolah Malaysia 2016 (MSSM) (under 12 yrs)
    1 Gold
  • Majlis Sukan Sekolah Selangor 2017 – Represented School
  • Majlis Sukan Sekolah Selangor 2018– Represented School

Zulluqman looks at swimming more as a way to be fit and healthy in addition to giving him a sense of discipline in his lifestyle as competitive swimming requires a very high degree of dedication. Zulluqman also has his mentors and idols, Michael Phelps being his greatest idol for his unsurpassable achievements at the Olympics. Daniel Bego, a Malaysian national swimmer is another of his idols, as he also knows him on a personal level as they had trained together in Bukit Jalil before.

Zulluqman feels that swimming as a sport needs more popularity in Malaysia and especially among Malays where the concept of water safety and swimming has not been reaching. He hopes that since has reached the level of success not common among Malays, it will be an inspiration for others in his community to take up to the water. He feels that if they try and persevere like him, then success is not far and there is no obstacle for someone who desires to achieve success not just in sport but in academics as well, whether it is going to good universities in the country or even studying overseas.

Hiking and rainforest experience for young swimmers

2nd DSA Swim Team Camp

Second DSA Swim Team Camp at Penang draws swimmers from 3 clubs

DSA Swim Club along with Penang Swimming Club and Wahoo Swim Team enjoyed the experience of a lifetime as together the group of over 110 young swimmers, managers and coaches had a great time together at the 2nd Swim Camp organized by DSA at the Setia Spice Aquatic Centre, Penang.

The 4 days/3 nights included a host of activities like getting an understanding about food and nutrition, how to categorize food based on intake needs like energy creation, pre-race preparation or post race liquid replenishment. Sessions of combined training for a few hours were carried out every day with an assortment of team building activities to generate and heighten team spirit among the swimmers who were split up into 4 teams for the duration of the camp.

The second day saw the entire group trudging along to hike up the Penang Hill, situation at an elevation of 2,733 m which took about 2 hours to summit.  The Habitat, situated on Penang Hill provides the most authentic, diverse and educational Malaysian rainforest experience. The Penang Hill virgin jungle reserve area, on the fringe of which The Habitat sits, is believed to be part of Malaysia’s treasure trove of prehistoric rainforests dating back 130-million years old. Besides its rich biodiversity, it plays an important role as primary water catchment area for Penang Island. It was a great opportunity for everyone to get closer to nature and understand the importance of ecological conservation and protection of rain forests.

After many hours of combined training, team building activities and a farewell dinner, the camp also gave each team an opportunity to showcase their talents through a team performance. It was an exciting finish for the 4 days of training, learning and experiencing the many aspects of competitive swimming. Thanks to the Penang Swimming Club, Wahoo Swim Team and everyone who participated and made this a great way to close off the events for year.

In DSA, we always believe that we teach more than just swimming. We hope all the learning and experiences the swimmers have gone through in this swim camp would help to mould their characters and help them in every aspect of their lives.

Thank you DSA swimmers, coaches and most of all, the parents who have been the support and strength of the Club.


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DSAS finish runners-up at Selangor Long Distance Meet

7th Selangor Long Distance

The 7th Selangor Long Distance Swimming Championship 2018 was held on 01-02 December at Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan, Shah Alam. The Meet being a Long Distance leg of the President Cup had the 200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m events for all strokes. The swimmers from DSAS swimming club finished with a resounding runners-up position with 554 points from the many events.

With many of the swimmers hitting their PBs at the Meet, there was much reason to celebrate for young Tan Zhi Jian who won 4 Golds and 2 Silvers though being in State division lineup. Tan Zhi Jian won the Top position for the 11-12 yrs state division, while Ethan Chan Zhuo Xi also with 4 Golds won Top position in the novice division. Ng Gha Yuan led her events to win 4 Golds while Lew Zhi Tong bested the State division to win her 4 Golds. Lew Yan Chuan, another young star in the State division won 3 more Golds and 1 Silver for the Club. Adam Jeffery Dillon was another top swimmer in the State division winning 4 Golds in his events. A detailed list of the medals tally is given below.

Being the last event of the year, it was a great sign off for the swimmers and the Club as they look forward to the next Calendar year with the Age Group Championships coming up in January.  Till then, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all the swimmers, parents, coaches and well-wishers.

7th Selangor Long Distance Swimming Championship 2018

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DSA & DSAS Swim Clubs among toppers at Perak President Cup

DSA Swimming Club third overall at Inter Club Meet

37th National Interclub Swimming Championship for Presidents Cup


The state of Perak played host to the 37th National Inter-Club Swimming Championship for The President Cup and the highly competitive Meet was held at the Pusat Akuatik Tuanku Zara on 23-25 November. As always the Meet had a large number of participants, numbering over 1300, from swim clubs all over Malaysia. Both DSA Club and DSAS Swimming Clubs participated in the Meet as separate teams. The young swimmers did the clubs proud with DSA Swim Club placing third in the overall ranking while the smaller team of DSAS swimmers stood at 9th position.

The highlight and the crowd attraction for DSA Swimming Club was the presence and participation of Malaysia National and Olympic Swimmer, Welson Sim. The Olympians presence was a huge morale boost and a source of motivation for the young swimmers as they looked to follow by example to the reach the heights that Welson Sim has achieved.

Both DSA and DSAS swimmers did well in their events building up very creditable points and medal positions. Some of the top point winners for DSA Club included Chong Xin Lin, with 6 Golds and over 90 points to team tally. Georgene Wee added 3 more Golds followed by Welson Sim and Darren Lew Chen Jet with a Gold each and many more points. Yap Yong Jie, Grace Kim, Austin Gan, Jaydrien Ng, Sean Goh and a host of others; about 22 swimmers from the team made their contributions towards the total points putting the Club in the third place overall. Marcus Woo Yong Hau, a President Cup newbie, astonished the crowd with a Gold medal swim in his Breaststroke event. Heidi Chong Zi Xin brought home a Silver while other swimmers like Adam Jeffery Dillon, Jerriel Lau, Erin Eu Lakshmanan and many others added to the points tally for the DSAS Swim team bringing them within the top 10. A detailed view of the medal winners and points tally is given below.

With the biggest event of the year wrapped up, it’s been a great year for swimming clubs DSA and DSAS with more than 10 swim Meets on the calendar completed. One more Meet remains for closing the year and overall it has been a great year with new champions at every Meet. Undoubtedly, there a lot of sacrifices and motivation provided that is usually unseen by many. The large support system starting with the parents, the DSA swim coaches and all the staff who have been at the forefront always to make these great results happen.

Hats off to the team, thank you Team DSA, One Team, One Dream and looking forward to the year 2019.



RESULTS – Day 1- With Seed Time
RESULTS – Day 2 – With Seed Time
RESULTS – Day 3 – With Seed Time
Team Score


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Yong Jie makes news on Sin Chew

DSA Swimmer Yap Yong Jie interviewed by Chinese newspaper

It was young Yong Jie’s turn to be in the limelight as the champion swimmer was interviewed for an article in the widely circulated Sin Chew newspaper in KL, Malaysia. Yap Yong Jie was chosen for his outstanding performance through the Meets over the year and also to share some of the experiences of his swimming journey.

Yap Yong Jie had started learning swimming at the tender age of 3 and half years old and by the time he turned 6, was already representing swim clubs in competitions. At the age of 7yrs, when he was still in primary school in Standard one, SJK at Choong Wen, KL, Yong Jie won a bronze at the State Swimming Meet.  In 2014 when in standard two, he went on to win an outstanding 5 Golds in the Boys 10 years and under age group in the KL Meets and securing the award of the Best Swimmer overall. Between 2016 and 2018, Yong Jie consistently won numerous Golds in many KL Swim Meets and in 2018 March, he represented KL at the Melaka Meets. Here he won a massive 6 Golds and 6 Silvers while also breaking the Meet record in the 200m Individual Medley. He was awarded the distinction of the Best Boy overall at the Meet.

Congratulations to Yap Yong Jie and wish all the more success and a bright future ahead.


Yap Yong Jie

DSA Champs at going the distance

DSA Swimming Club wins overall at Mid & Long Distance Meet with 20 new records, over 30 Golds

3rd ASUM/NSC/MILO Mid & Long Distance Swimming Championship 2018

The young swimmers of DSA and DSAS Swimming Club made a huge triumph by winning the Overall Championship at the 3rd ASUM/NSC/MILO Mid & Long Distance Swimming Championship 2018 held at the National Aquatic Centre, Bukit Jalil on 13-14 October. Competing together as a single team, it was resounding victory as the nearly 100 strong bunch of young swimmers beat the runner-ups by over 250 points and a smashing 20 new records including the Relays.

Going to the Meet a majority of them were experiencing competitive long distance swimming for the first time participating in the 200m, 400m, 1500m etc events. The Relay teams coming together for the first time, as swimmers from both DSA and DSAS paired up and the results speak for themselves as they created more than 4 new records in the Relays.

The record breakers, events and timings were as follows 

Tan Zhi Jian

  • 4th 800m Free, Meet rec: 9:59.50 New rec: 9:56.16
  • 4th 1500m Free, Meet rec: 19:17.41 New rec: 19:13.06

Misa Okuzono

  • 1st 200m IM, meet rec: 2:33.00 New rec: 2:25.99
  • 1st 400m Free, Meet Rec: 4:53.35 New rec: 4:37.02
  • 1st 400m IM, Meet Rec: 5:28.17 New rec: 5:08.63
  • 1st 200m Free, Meet Rec: 2:18.28 New rec: 2:10.51

Chong Xin Lin

  • 1st 10&U 200m Back, Meet Rec: 2:45.65 New rec: 2:41.08

Georgene Wee Ee Jern

  • 1st 800m Free, meet rec 9:59.53 New rec: 9:43.29
  • 1st 200m IM, meet rec: 2:33.31 New rec:  2:31.60
  • 1st 200m Breast, meet rec: 2:51.72 New rec: 2:50.35
  • 1st 400m Free, meet rec: 4:49.00 New rec: 4:46.25
  • 1st 200m Free, meet rec: 2:15.60 New rec: 2:14.34 

Alma Louise, Bendix Dahl

  • 1st 200m Back, Meet Rec: 2:37.84 New rec: 2:32.91
  • 2nd 200m IM, Meet Rec: 2:33.00 New rec: 2:30.93
  • 1st 200m Fly Meet Rec: 2:30.05 New rec: 2:28.86
  • 2nd 400m IM, Meet Rec: 5:28.17 New rec: 5:22.07

Yap Yong Jie

  • 2nd 200m IM, Meet Rec: 2:28.17 New rec: 2:24.14
  • 1st 400m IM, Meet Rec: 5:11.86 New rec: 5:06.00
  • 3rd 200m Free, Meet Rec: 2:10.46 New rec: 2:09.75

Jerriel Lau

  • 1st 200m IM, meet rec: 2:44.86 New rec: 2:38.93
  • 1st Girls 15 – 17 400m IM, Meet Rec: 5:54.07 New rec: 5:39.04

Lew Yan  Zheng

  • 1st Boys 13 – 14 1500m Free, Meet Rec: 17:46.86 New rec: 17:18.07

Relay Record Breakers

1st  Girls 10 & Under 4×200 Freestyle Relay, meet Rec: 11:12.18 New rec: 10:25.96
Grace Kim, YiYi Lean, Pan Celyn Xiao Ying, Xin Lin Chong

2nd  Boys 11-12 4×200 Freestyle Relay, meet Rec: 9:23.70 New rec: 9:13.47
Yong Jie Yap, ETHAN Chan Zhuo XI , Asher Shaqur, Zhi Jian Tan

1st Girls 11-12 4×200 Freestyle Relay, meet Rec: 9:56.03 New rec: 9:29.55
Bendix Dahl Alma Louise, Zhi Tong Lew, Alison Athena Wright, Misa Okuzono

2nd Boys 13-14 4×200 Freestyle Relay, Meet Rec: 8:43.49 New rec: 8:20.54
Lew Yan Zheng, Atticus Ng E Hin, William Hills, Adam Jeffrey Dillon

1st Boys 15-17 4×200 Freestyle Relay, Meet Rec: 9:36.77 New rec: 8:39.16
Sean Goh Min Chang, Ze Xuan Chung, Shanyong Tan, Daniel Liew Jia Hau

1st Mixed 11-12 4×200 Freestyle Relay, Meet Rec: 9:19.12 New rec: 9:03.42
Misa Okuzono, Zhi Jian Tan, Zhi Tong Lew, Yong Jie Yap 

In addition to the Meet records, the team also won a whole lot of medals which included over 30 Golds.  Kudos to the teams for coming together and winning the Team Championship and it was a big confidence booster for the swimmers for the upcoming President Cup next month. We sincerely thank the dedication and hard training efforts put in by both the swimmers and the DSA coaches in keeping the team in high spirits and propelling them ever forward.  A detailed view of the Medals tally is shown below.


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DSA & DSAS Swimmers beat PBs at SUKMA XIX


DSA/ DSAS young swimmers  Georgene Wee, Koh Teck Chen, Liam Eu and Daniel performed immensely well at the SUKMA XIX 2018, held at  Pusat Akuatik Tuanku Zara Perak Darul Ridzuan, Ipoh from 17-21 September.

Representing the Federal state of Wilayah Persekutuan, KL, Georgene Wee, Teck Chen and Liam Eu had great placings in their events bettering their PBs(personal bests) and also with podium finishes in their Relay events.  Daniel represented the state of Selangor and also improved his PBs in his events.  A detailed view of their events and timings are as follows:

Georgene Wee Ee Jern

  • 4th Place, 200m Freestyle, beat personal best(PB) – 2:12.72 (PIAG 2018) = 2:12.44 (final)
  • 4th Place, 400m IM, beat PB – 5:24.83 (prelim) = 5:16.95 (final)
  • 4th Place, 200m IM, beat PB – 2:31.22 (Splash 2017) = 2:30.08 (final)
  • 4th Place, 800m Freestyle, beat PB – 9:29.57 (PIAG 2018) = 9:22.70 (final)
  • 2nd Place, 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay
  • 3rd Place, 4 x 100m Medley Relay

Koh Teck Chen

  • 3rd place, 200m Fly, beat PB – 2:09.31 (PRAKL 2018) = 2:06.06 (final)
  • 7th place, 100m Fly, beat PB – 58.46 (Grand Final 2018) = 57.75 (final)
  • 2nd place, 4 x 100m Medley Relay

Liam Eu Li-An

  • 50m Breast, beat PB – 31.59 (Grand Final 2018) = 31.17 (final)
  • 4th place, 200m Breast, beat PB – 2:27.68 (PRAKL 2018) = 2:27.12 (final)

Daniel Liew Jia Hau

  • 5th place, 200m fly, beat PB – 2:09.66 (SAG 2018) = 2:09.40 (final)
  • 5th place, 400m Freestyle, beat PB – 4:24.13 (SAG 2018) = 4:16.29 (final)

Congratulations to the swimmers for the exemplary performance at the National level Games. Reaching this level of achievement is surely no easy task and it has been a continuous path of dedication and preparation day after day. We thank all the parents, coaches and well wishers who provided the much needed support to enable these young champions to reach where they are today.


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DSAS wins overall at Selangor Novice Meet

Young swimmers create new records and win maximum Golds

3rd Selangor Novice Swim Meet

DSAS Swim Club had a huge reason to cheer and make merry as they emerged overall champions at the 3rd Selangor Novice Swim Meet 2018. Held on 1-2 September at Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan, Shah Alam, Selangor, DSAS had a team of 33 swimmers, and won 31 medals which included 18 Golds.

Besides the top scores, they also made new records at the meet. Marcus Woo Yong Hau created a new record in the 25m Breast stroke, while Lee Zi Xuan created her marks in the 50m Butterfly and 50m Freestyle events. A new record in the Girls11-12yrs 25m Medley relay was the cream on the cake and it was victory all the way for DSAS.

Marcus Woo Yong Hau, the little champ was a huge winner with 6 Golds in his events. Lee Zi Xuan, also with 5 Golds and 2 Silvers is another champion in the making. Hailey Chong Sue Huey and Arthur Chong added more Golds to the tally though it was their very first Meet participation.  The other medal winners included Loong Wen Shuen, Tan Yenyi, Lee Zi Ying and Lee Ming Zhou. An additional 4 Golds also came in from the various Relay teams who did a great job in helping the Club win the overall champion position.

Being a Novice Meet, the objective was to provide an opportunity for beginner swimmers aged 12 years old and under to gain competitive exposure at the novice level and to encourage new and young swimmers to participate in competitive swimming. It was a great experience for the upcoming DSAS swimmers who are making great strides in the competition levels. A big round of thanks and hurrahs to the encouragement and support of the parents of the young swimmers and the DSA team coaches cannot be left unsaid. We look for more exciting results and performances in the upcoming grand Meets.

A detailed view of the medals Tally was as follows

medal tally

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DSA Swimmers staying successful through efficient time management

Continuing your swim training through high school and university

Continuing your swim training

Children can achieve better academic performance through swimming

Teaching children swimming and swim training is an important priority for most parents around the world and it is no different here in Malaysia. With drowning the leading cause of death in children in the ages 1-4 among preventable injuries, this is an important responsibility.  But, as the child grows older, academics gain importance, and more than often, swim training tends to be on the back burner and usually stops completely.

Researchers have shown that, in general, children who engage in activities like swimming are motivated to do well in academic studies as well.  Studies have shown that children  can achieve better academic performance and are likely to get better grades along with language development, reading and writing. The chance of experiencing success in sports raises the childs’ morale, confidence and self esteem tremendously and they tend to keep that positivity in the academics also as they apply themselves harder.

Main ingredient in making both work is allowing flexibility and support

However, it is important to find the proper balance between pursuing swimming at a higher training level and keeping up the grades in high school and above. Too much time in the pool may cause grades to go down, and missing too many practice sessions may see more missed medals at competitions. The main ingredient in making both work is allowing flexibility and support. Academic individuals who can combine their studies with high training can achieve almost anything. And doing well in competitions can also help them find their way into colleges and higher education with scholarships. Most colleges around the world have flexibility where both training and education can grow in parallel.

Swimmers here in DSA Swim Team also have been able to develop their performance levels with continued training while securing high levels of achievement in the academics.  It is the efficient management and balancing of training times and academics that has helped them reach where they are now.  These swimmers have achieved State level participation and have represented Malaysia on an international level as well.   They are also attending schools/college with admissions through scholarships.

DSA Swimmers are efficiently managing swimming with academics

DSA swimmers

(left to right) Fatin Amira, Lew Yan Zheng, Nigel Chan, Atticus Ng

Lew Yan Zheng, currently attending Year 11 for IGCSE in British International School, Phuket (BISP) had received scholarship to join BISP.

Atticus Ng, who was awarded the High Performance Swimming Team scholarship at the British International School, Phuket (BISP) is currently attending Year 10.

Nigel Chan Zhe How, who is currently doing International Baccalaureate Program in British International School, Phuket (BISP) had also received scholarship from BISP.

Fatin Amira Bt Ahmad Hadri, who is currently doing A-Levels in Taylor’s College had received 100% scholarship from Taylor’s College.

The achievements by these swimmers have been possible because of their dedication to their training while efficiently managing their time for academics as well. A big part of this was the support and encouragement of not only their parents, but also the DSA team of coaches.  These achievers are the stalwarts who are a demonstration that securing your future through higher education need not come only by stopping all other activities or, that high performance training does not mean giving up or losing on education. They will always be a source of inspiration to upcoming champions and swimmers that anything is possible through hard work, dedication and time management.

DSA (Selangor) revels at Short Course Meet

DSA Swim Clubs (Selangor & KL) win over 127 Medals with 43 Golds and 4 Meet Records

7th Selangor ARENA Short Course Swimming Championship 2018


DSA (Selangor) Swim Club (DSAS)  had a gala time at the 7th Selangor ARENA Short Course Swimming Championship 2018 held from 17-19 August at Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan, Shah Alam. It was nothing short of a massive celebration of sport and swimming as the young swimmers from DSA (Selangor) blazed through their events making a huge haul of medals and breaking records. DSA (KL) Swim Club having been invited as a Guest Club for the Meet had limited opportunities to participate; still there were a whole lot of overall champions and runner-ups in the many groups which made the morale of the swimmers at an all time high.

Alma Dahl (Girls Group 3) from DSA (KL) Swim Club was crowned Girls Overall Champion for her splendid performance winning 11 Golds with 3 Meet Records in her many events. Overall champions of the other groups included Audrey Ng Gha Yuan (Girls Group 2), Fatin Amira (Girls Group 1) and Goh Yue Hong (Boys Open) from DSA (Selangor) Swim Club.

Besides the Champions, the Clubs also had many runner-ups which included Tan Yenyi (Girls Group 4), Lee Zi Xuan (Girls Group 3), Ethan Chan (Boys Group 3), Ianna Tan (Girls Group 2) and Lim Le Kun (Boys Group) all first runner-ups. Yap Yong Jie (Boys Group 3) and Nicholas Chan (Boys Group 2) were second runner-ups in their respective groups. Yap Yong Jie from DSA (KL) Swim Club had also a new Meet Record for his event 100m Backstroke. A big round of applause goes to Tan Yenyi  from DSA (Selangor) Swim Club who was competing for the first time in this Meet won a remarkable 2 Golds and 5 Silvers in her events and ended as first runner-up in her group. Another first timer to win a medal was young Jayden Yap Ee Jen who won a Bronze in his event for DSA (Selangor) Swim Club.

A detailed list of all the medal winners is given below:

Medal Tally - Selangor ShortCourse 2018

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Day 1 Results
Day 2 Results
Day 2 Record breakers
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