Thank you Coaches!!!

Thank you coaches at DSA

We at DSA are overwhelmed by the touching thank you notes, so delectably made out by squad members, for their coaches, in bringing them where they are today. We can only say, “You kids are the best!”

This note by Chan Evon goes as follows….

“Thank you, DSA. I’ve been with DSA for 2 years and 7 months I suppose. DSA is really an amazing club that brings out joy and happiness to others. 2 years ago, I was a fat girl girl who doesn’t know anything about competitive swimming, but after 2 years of joining DSA, I’ve done better than before. I’ve learned bits and crumbs through every training in every training in every single day. There were many ups and downs in each competition but the coaches here never gave us up and yet they still support us till the end. DSA became a part of my life, a home, a family ever since the day I started. People may think that students and coaches are just that but in reality, we’re a little family. I am really grateful to train in DSA, thank you to all coaches that put effort in us. Without you , we won’t be swimming in competitions. we are sorry for disappointing coaches when your high expectations is upon us. we will not repeat the same mistake like before and do better in competitions that are ahead of us. =)”

Chan Evon.