FINA Rules







1) What is FINA?
FINA is also known as International Swimming Federation is a Federation to administering international competition in Aquatics. In another word, FINA is the governing body of sport of Aquatics


2) What are the disciplines that FINA administering?
a) Swimming
b) Diving
c) Synchronized Swimming
d) water polo
e) Open water Swimming
f) Master Event (25 years old & above)


3) What is FINA role in Swimming world?
A FINA handbook will be set by FINA themselves to list out all the swimming rules.
In the Swimming FINA handbook, all the swimming rules or constitution will be state in the handbook.
It is a must for a swimmer to abide all the rules and regulation set by FINA in FINA recognized Swim Championship.


To understand more about FINA rules in Swimming, you can click the link below and start download.
FINA Swimming Handbook (2013 – 2017)